The Hanged Guy Tarot Card’s True Meaning: Love, Health and Money

The Hanged Guy Tarot Card’s True Meaning: Love, Health and Money

The Hanged Man (XII) — the 12th card of the popular Arcana — indicates that you may be at a crossroads and need so that run of history to be able to reach your new truth. Getting there’s something your strongly longing, yet it will probably involve a certain amount of give up.

Visual Details and symbolization

Even though the Hanged Man may well initially are a poor omen, that isn’t always real.

Even though the card depicts men holding upside-down from a forest with his palms behind his again, there clearly was a halo-like light around their head, similar to exactly how saints happened to be represented in ways stemming through the dark ages. This could advise martyrdom, although phrase he wears is certainly not of despair or dismay, but rather of contentment, showing he’s at tranquility together with his circumstance.

The tree he’s holding from by one foot is part of the living business, reaching around the heavens, while its root, in comparison, stays strong during the underworld. The calm looks on Hanged Man’s face recommends he’s truth be told there by his own will likely, even though his best foot is likely to the limbs, his left-foot remains complimentary.

Their fingers are behind his back in a posture generating an inverted triangle, that may be interpreted to be symbolic of his capacity to change his recent scenario.

Their reddish jeans symbolize the bodily looks and desire, whilst blue of his shirt represents calm emotions, the red-blue color collection again generally of Catholic saints.

The Hanged Guy Cards as you

The Hanged guy recognizes that the positioning he’s in is regarded as sacrifice, perhaps to repent for past sins, or a determined step-back to reevaluate his then move ahead. This is not lost time, but since Hanged guy understands that he’s just awaiting just the right chance to appear, and until it will, his route ahead will continue to be suspended.

He’s confident — possibly very so — he will identify this possibility when it presents itself, therefore for now he’s a lot more than good simply prepared it out.

The Hanged people cards also can express indecision, and as such he or she is at risk of perhaps not identifying these ventures once they would come to your. Therefore the guy stays permanently in limbo, caught in his indecision, his biggest activity becoming non-action.

Hanged Guy — Daniel Rodda

The Hanged Man Upright: Great Significance

The Hanged people in a straight situation indicates that you are in an unhappy circumstance, caught in a rut or an adverse frame of mind you need to free your self from. It can be interpreted as doubt over which path to bring.

Consider going away from your self for a minute to modify your point of view and figure out what is stunting your progress.

Really love and connections

If you’re in a partnership, the Hanged Man is indicating you may well be extra unsatisfied along with your companion than you realize. Although it could be distressing, it’s time for your needs reconsider your own connection and possibly bid a fond adieu towards existing enthusiast.

In addition this card could be an alert your mate is experience that way in your direction and being able to access the relationship from a fresh perspective by themselves, choosing if this’s well worth continuing. This is exactlyn’t always an adverse, as the spouse could be realizing that they’ve wronged your in past times and wish to revive the relationship.

If you are solitary, drawing the Hanged Man could possibly be an indication you’ll want to let go of people, views, or circumstances which happen to be maintaining your unhappy. In the event that you however yearn for an ex-lover, the Hanged Man is suggesting which’s time for you to let go of these attitude, that at this point they portray a poor attention pattern that just brings your discomfort.


Maybe you are trapped in a rut and tired of your job or career. The time has come to see if there was realistically what you may do to evolve the problem. When there isn’t, then you need to take a step back and bide some time for the moment, situations at some point change for best — merely perhaps not very when you hope. This could be blast to begin looking for a fresh work or line of perform.


The time has come to reevaluate the link to cash. Should you decide’ve already been stingy, begin discussing a few of the wealth — this could possibly be more useful than you might think. Alternately, should you usually seem to be picking right up the loss for every thing, settle-back and try to let another person take action for a big change. In essence, you must do the opposite of that which you’ve started undertaking together with your money.


With finances, it’s time to address health from a special perspective. As an example, should you’ve been doing exercises with weights in the gym, maybe it’s time to create something similar to pilates or tai chi towards routine. With respect to your physical health, the Hanged Man was letting you know that everything is okay and not to consider whatever you cannot controls.

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