In early 90s, when we were school kids goers, university education was rarely talked about and if anyone would talk about it, it could be how powerful, how strong and important it was!


This meant that education at university level was a specialized training where comrades of those days were well equipped with knowledge, skills and attitude as far as that area of specialization was concerned.


But the question is how were these people selected to receive such a highly training?

The education that time and earlier on was basically on merits and only few people who were qualified for that training were receiving the training.


However, a storm was folding at the ocean! Some people who had received basic education during colonial era, (purely basic training in writing and reading) were the employees of that time and now they were parents to these scholars. Obviously they had tasted the light and sweetness of education! This made them to make sure that their kids got educated as opposed to their counterparts who never tasted education during the colonial times.


This means that a home that had tasted the taste of education had an upper hand in ensuring their offspring had a proper education.


These people had felt that they were special! By believing that they were special, they could hardly see any reason as to why other people who were the parents of other scholars schooling with their sons and daughters be in a position of siring bright kids who could outsmart theirs. How now?! They were the only educated people from their villages? They were mainly primary school teachers, nurses, clinicians, lab techs, asikaris, Sec school teachers who were commonly known as S1s, Office secretaries etc.


Tables could be OVERTURNED (As one Prof. kaijimenyi was overheard saying that if the labour court ruling of 2015 that had declared that teachers were to have their pay hiked, could overturn the social stupidity.) by this trend and it sounded an abomination to this class of people of that era.


Now this was the mother of all the evils, even the scholars of those days were never left out! They had believed that since they tasted university education, as pioneers from their villages, they must sire world class university kids!


Then what could be done to make sure that their kids were university materials?!  The middle class of that time too could not settle at having their kids study at middle level colleges as they did! They must have their kids go through higher education ranks than them. This stupid beliefs inherited from colonialists gave birth to examination rigging, cheating and stealing. We started having idiots in universities at the expense of the deserving would be scholars.


The leadership at the top of everything too was left to the same people suffering from intellectual laziness since money would make anything changed and follow merits not! (You could hear someone say: “Kwa asikari na jeshi ni watu warefu wanahitajika kwa hivyo nitaeka pesa mtoto wangu akanyange akuwe mrefu kuliko hao wengine!” Loosely translated to mean that ‘In the police and military recruitments, the requirement is that the recruit need be tall! I will bribe the recruitors with money and my son or daughter will be taller than the rest”!). – By the way why do you look for a tall, fastest runners, 32 teethed and above plus scarless personnels in this area as the requirements up to date?


Do they compete in seeing furthest on who is coming in the forest like a giraffe or do they believe that an African can run faster than a vehicle or a bullet, or is it that a faster runner can add his/her speed to vehicle or any machine when driving it than any other person?? Why anyone who is 32 teethed and above? Do they crush bullets or criminals via their teeth???


Another issue arises as to why not send applications and be selected randomly like any other college under jab/kuccps for placement?! This answers why KMTC fought to remain independent. (Story for another day).


Our education system (May be we call it shit-stem as the late Peter Tosh used to call it.) was infiltrated by stupid vice of social competition and when the “class” of the day realized that universities available by that time could not handle large capacities, and instead of thinking outside the box such that all who qualified would have joined the university education, they devised another method which was later known as parallel program, later on as self/privately self-sponsored programs.


The shit was now up to the brim at our campuses. The cheating of exams was now at an advanced level! Slowly by slowly, man-force at the university was very low compared to the ratio of the students and the lecturers could not handle such large numbers which resulted in the so called half-baked university graduates. Everyone started singing of the half-baked university graduates and the academic degrees were regarded as mere useless papers with half cooked holders! (How will a Professor teach a class of 300 students, call a roll call to know who has attended his class and who has attended not??


This again reminds how we-the comrades- would send a colleague to sign for him the class attendance on the agreement that when the next week class comes, he is the one who will go and sign on his/their behalf and like that till they could do it for four weeks! They used to live four comrades per one room.


Of course no one and there were a few people who would inquire to know what was the cause of these much hyped university half-baked graduates! That has been the talk in the streets! (But I doubt that this statement is just a talk of few disgruntled individuals and some other few graduates from certain private universities where no student should fail is a rule!)


However, it is unfortunate that even after inquiring and knowing the cause they could damn do nothing. The people in leadership and having power were the choreographers of this shit!! So that the status must remain quo!


All the rich idiots now were the new university academics degree holders. Nothing like sane reasoning was left about and the reasoners were reduced to be just onlookers and listeners. Thanks to the listening ability embedded in-between their hemispheres!

That how after defiling the university education, we talked of half-baked university graduates!


That done! We have now embarked on the mission of singing and farting technical skills are the way to go! Not the university education anymore!

While, I am not against that narrative as long as the trainees are well equipped! After all it is better our tomorrow nation is equipped with at least a certain skill in a certain trade! If majority are equipped with such skills and knowledge, it will be difficult for them to be lured and blindfolded with harrow barrows! They will reject such a nonsense!


However, it is important to note that if there are no proper measures put in place, in the next few years, university education will have a little change due to the number of graduates who are somehow the right graduates; but the shit is that the moneyed idiots had again accessed university masters, and PhD degrees hence becoming lecturers there! This led to a total raping of university teaching obligations!


Enter the stage of technical skills sung songs! There will be nothing like technical skills that will be imparted to those learners at those colleges if the number of trainers to learners’ ratio will be in the measures of 1: 200! For any sober policy maker, technical/skill oriented training should range at a maximum ratio of 1: 25 to 30 trainer to learners.


If that is not the case, then wait to hear the same songs of half-baked middle level graduates again!

Meanwhile, let’s continue singing mtu/watu yetu (Our man/people)


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