Ammon: Why can’t you approach them?
Munari: You see at that time. At that time is when everyone clocks from the city!
Ammon: I am not understanding what you are saying?………………………………….
Munari: Everyone here… Everyone here leaves to the city one by one! Once the master has left, no one else is left! They all leave.
Ammon: You mean my sister Clara leaves to town most of her time?
Munari: Yes my lord!
Ammon: (In disbelief.) How now?
Munari: She leaves with Mangira. He drops her some minutes to five before your mother comes from her errands!
Ammon: (Perplexed.) What do you mean?
Munari: Yes. I mean like that: your brother drops Aliki, the store keeper too at five o’clock or some minutes after five. Because the master comes at six while drank!
Ammon: (Still perplexed.) Really?
Munari: Yes my lord! But please promise me that you will protect my name please! I beg you!
Ammon: You don’t have to worry Munari! We will do what is right!
Munari: Please! My lord! I beseech you! Save me please! This information should not leak to anyone!
Ammon: Munari!
Munari: Yes my lord!
Ammon: I promise you that I will work on this matter! I can assure you that there will be no stone that will be left untouched! All the evils bedeviling this farm must be unearthed!
Munari: (Filled with fear.) But I beseech you my lord!
Ammon: You will be safe sir! I can assure you that! To add on that! Never fear the evil! Do you remember what you have just informed me?
Munari: What have I said my lord?
Ammon: Come on! You don’t have to be worried!
Munari: I … I have to… to… I mean I have to worry about my little neck my lord!
Ammon: You have just told me that when we do what is good and right, we should expect good always to locate us wherever we are?!
Munari: But please my lord! I have a life to protect!
Ammon: Munari!
Munari: Yes my lord!
Ammon: How much can you do to protect your life?
Munari: However little I can do my lord I can…
Ammon: Stop it brother! There is only one person who protects your life in full!
Munari: You mean that I should not be worried?
Ammon: Munari!
Munari: Yes my lord!
Ammon: Do you hear me sir?
Munari: Yes my lord!
Ammon: Only one person can protect your life! That is who? Don you know whom he is?
Munari: I can guess my lord!
Ammon: Not guessing sir! This is not a guess work!
Munari: Yes my lord!
Ammon: Who is he?
Munari: My creator!
Ammon: You are done now sir!
Munari: Thank you sir! But I … I … I beg you sir!
Ammon: With your creator you don’t have to fear the world! (Referring to the animals. Just nurse them. Let me check if the drugs have arrived.)
Munari: Thank you sir!
Ammon: (Biding him bye.) See you Munari.
Munari: Thank you sir! (They part. Munari goes back to calves shed while Ammon leaves to master’s house.)

(Back at house, Thingira went back to the room. But no one was there.)

Thingira: (Knocking at the door.) Father! Father! No one is here guys?
Clara: What is it again?! Brother!
Thingira: Hey Clara! Where is mother?
Clara: She is in her room brother! What news do you have?
Thingira: What about father?
Clara: He is in his living room!
Thingira: Okay! (He leaves towards his father’s living room. Clara stands up and interrupts him.)
Clara: Hey brother!! What is that? That you can’t tell me? Why do you want to disturb father for nothing?
Thingira: How did you know that it is nothing?
Clara: Because you are not telling me what it is! (He looks at her and leaves her behind. He proceeds to the master’s living room.)
Thingira: (He knocks at the door. But no one responds. He opens the door and enters.) Hey father! Why are you not responding unto me? (There is still silence, he enters inside. He finds that the masters is lying on the couch. He is holding a book. As if he is busy reading.) Father!!
Kibondi: (He looks at him with a demeaning eyes.) Would you mind your business young man?
Thingira: Yes father! I will mind my business. In fact I am minding my own business as your son. That is why I am here!
Kibondi: There is no business of yours here! Would you kindly give me a break? I mean would you give me a humble time?
Thingira: That why I am here! To save you from the shock of unawareness! I mean, you guys… you have left everything here to roll on its own course?
Kibondi: (Sitting properly on the couch. He is angered by Thingira’s statements.) I said you leave here! I think we finished everything there when we were taking tea. We discussed everything and servants were sent on their respective tasks that they were to perform?? What has brought you here again?? Or the servants are back and I am not aware??
Thingira: But you never took any tea?!
Kibondi: (Angered.)Young man! Would you leave me in peace?!
Thingira: I am just wondering how you will know anything if we need to mind our own business and not informing you?
Kibondi: That part was delegated to Mangira and my son Thanga! Besides that, my daughter Clara is tasked to inform me on everything. She needs to keep everything updated. Not you!
Thingira: I thought I am your son too? I can as well as inform you and update you on everything??
Kibondi: Who gave you that role? That role can only be given unto you by your mother! I am sorry! This is not her living room! Would you kindly leave and find her in her own room?
Thingira: But father, why all this? Anyway. I am sorry to disrupt you and to give myself a task that is not in my designation! But you must learn that the ones you have entrusted and delegated everything unto, have messed up with everything. Including you!
Kibondi: Now you have assigned yourself another role of discerning who is doing right and who is doing wrong. Including me?! Myself?!
Thingira: Yes father! Because you have left all the animals to die. This morning, as we talk here! As you abuse me as one of your enemies and not your son, the disease as claimed five calves. Their carcasses are lying there!
Kibondi: (Shocked.) This is why I say that you people! You people, you are bad news to me!
Thingira: Come on father! These all are as a result of your blunders!
Kibondi: (Angered and raising his voice.)Whose blunders? When people who are required to work on their duties fail must you blame it on me? Must you drag me into it?
Thingira: Yes father! The buck stops with you! You are the overall in charge!
Kibondi: Your song has no any taste unto my ears anymore! I am tired of your abominations!
Thingira: Well father! You may say that! But please note that everything is in a total mess as at now!
Kibondi: (In a humble tone.)What should we do now my son?
Thingira:I am sorry father! I am assigned that role not! Father! There are people who are your loyalist! I am an imposter on this! I am sorry father!
Kibondi: This is why I keep on saying. That what you and your look alike knows bad news only! Nothing else! Only bad news!
Thingira: It is okay. But let me remind you a little bit! That if you are in battle field. You as the general in charge, you are responsible to all your troops! Both loyalist and non-loyalist! You are in charge of them. If they defeat the enemy, the credit goes to the general. If they are defeated and loose the battle, the general will be held responsible!
Kibondi: What are you insinuating about? What have you done yourself? Which role have you played in neutralizing the enemy?
Thingira: Well! Father! Father! I am not the general in charge. I am sorry for bringing you theabomination news! However bad they are! But learn this! Munari has said that all the animals in the farm are sick. We will continue losing more and more if the situation is not addressed accordingly!
Kibondi: (Angry but now careful with his words.) Just leave! Leave me to make the right decision. I need to make the right decision. (Thingira leaves but Kibondi interrupts him). But … but before you leave, I need to hear what you just said once more! What did you say? How many calves?
Thingira: Five calves! We have five carcasses!
Kibondi: (In a sober mood now). What? You mean five calves have already died?
Thingira: Yes father!
Kibondi: (As a person who is talking alone. But aloud.) Five calves! Five calves! Five what? (He looks at Thingira. Addressing him.) Five calves?!
Thingira: Yes father! Five carcasses!
Kibondi: Wait, you mean five calves alone?
Thingira: Yes father!
Kibondi: Are they bulls or heifers!
Thingira: Father! I did not look at them to know their gender! If you want to know beyond that, ask the person who is on the ground!
Kibondi: Who is that person?
Thingira: Munari!
Kibondi: He must be held responsible! You go and tell Clara to come here! Tell her that I need to send her!
Thingira: Okay father! (He leaves.)

(In the family’s living room, Clara is glued on the screen. She is drinking some wine while holding some magazines. There is a knock at the door! Enters Ammon!)
Ammon: Hey Clara!
Clara: Hey too!
Ammon: Where is father?
Clara: Why do you look for him?
Ammon: Don’t I have to look for my own father?
Clara: Look for him! Have I obstructed you from looking for him?
Ammon: (Angered by her statement.) Come on Clara! What is wrong with you?
Clara: Nothing is wrong with me!
Ammon: Why talk like that then? I mean why are you rude to me?
Clara: If you are looking for your own father why do you have to ask me about his whereabouts? (Thingira enters.)
Thingira: Clara! (She does not respond. He calls her on a second time.) Clara! (She is still quite glued on the papers on her hands.) Clara I am talking to you! Why are you behaving as if I am talking to someone else?!
Clara: Have you run out of your mind?
Thingira: (To Ammon.) What is wrong with her?
Aqmmon: I don’t know brother! I have asked her where is father! She has retorted to me rudely!
Clara: Hey guys! Please give me a break!
Thingira: Which break? Which break do you want us to give you?
Ammon: Leave her alone! Did you find him?
Thingira: Yes bro! But he has just informed me that I tell her that he needs to send her! Here she is not talking not to me!
Ammon: And if she talks, she is rude! (Kibondi’s steps can be overheard coming. He is calling Clara as he comes)
Kibondi: Clara! Clara my daughter!
Clara: Yes father! (She raises up.) Yes father! (Kibondi enters).
Kibondi: (Addressing Thingira.) You never passed my information to my daughter?
Thingira: She is mad at me!
Kibondi: Why? What have you guys done to my daughter?
Ammon: Nothing wrong father!
Kibondi: There must be something! (Clara is standing while lowering her down. Her father is observing her.) Come on guys! You need to treat your sister smoothly and not roughly! I know you!
Ammon: It is okay father! But I was looking after you!
Kibondi: No need!
Ammon: Why father|?
Kibondi: Because your brother here, has broken the bad news to me!
Thingira: No father! You forgot!
Kibondi: Forgot what?
Thingira: I brought you some abominations!……………………………………

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