He did not stop there! John went on with his evil chasing activities. He did not only carry out those services to his village of Amuuki only!

He grew fame! He was now referred in the neighboring villages! A word went like a bush fire on a dry windy season! That there was a great prophet who was living in the land of Amuuki people!  He was a heaven sent man of prayers! He was a new found solution to the witchcraft raided villages! A man who would not only prophesy to families on who was bedeviling them but also uproot all of the planted charms whether in their houses, compounds or in their farms!


You see if someone’s kids were not performing well in school, John had the solution. He could tell the parent of the kid the person who could be behind his children’s poor performance in the classroom! Thanks to God that he did not point at teachers by saying that he has seen a vision showing him that they were (teachers) the ones behind the poor performance of their kids!


He was now the most sought person in the whole division and in its environs! He was a hot cake! A rare breed of a man! He did not have any time to be at his home taking care of his family. He even requested his wife to claim that she has also been awarded the gift of prophesy! She too joined him in praying and prophesying! When he was traversing different villages in different locations, his wife was also busy praying for people and prophesying unto them. She was now healing them from the evils of witchcraft and the witch!


Which village didn’t have a witch anyway? All the villages were perceived to harbour a witch. A witch who was derailing other villagers! Either by bewitching their kids such that they performed poorly in school, bewitching their parents to fall ill so that they fail in providing for their kids. So that they fail in order that their sons and daughters dropped out of the school or bewitching the villagers so that they never prospered in life. In short these village wizards were out to impoverish everyone who showed any signs of working hard and succeeding in life!


Succeeding in life in these villages was to have several herds of cattle and other domestic livestock. Having many children and having all the daughters get married or whoever would remain well health wise!


The great surprise, not many were pro academics! But still these wizards had the iotas of bewitching their fellow villagers!

It is from these widespread witchcraft superstitious that made John, “the prophet” to be the famous and a rare breed of a man! Almost every family in every village in the division and its environs would sought for his services! Services to chase away the witchcraft.


John went on prophesying and uprooting the planted charms in many homesteads’ compounds, farms and houses! He did this for several years as Meeme was grewing up. He still remembers a certain old lady, who her husband had died at old age and left her as a widow but still at her eighties!


He many a times used to pay a visit to this old Mama has he was growing up. Many a times he was there to assist her in the farm during the time of harvesting. His mother used to tell him that “just go and help that old lady! She said that since her kids were now also old people and they never lived near her, she could not have any one to let her son or daughter help her!” She could claim that if it was possible for her to mould some babies from clay, she could have done it. She was too lonely!


It was at this time when Meeme had gone there to assist her in harvesting, when her son, Samuel, told Meeme that prophet John was a liar! She had told him that “when you come, I will request my son, Samuel, (in his forties) to accompany you at the farm so that you cannot be lonely there at the farm”!


Samuel spent the day in the farm with Meeme harvesting the crops. He asked him why he was saying that john was a liar. He replied that john had lied to her old mother! He had told her that her piece of land had some charms planted there! They must have been planted under one of the huge acacia trees in her farm! They were planted so that she could lose her Shamba to some people who wanted to grab it from her. And also, it was the reason why she had become sickly!


John had promised her that he will fight for her spiritually! But her son, Samuel did not agree with his mother! He told her, “Vaine (a word that they used while referring to their mother in their native language) John is lying to you! There is nothing planted at the farm.” Samuel told his mother.


“I know john will come and plant some old used body lotion containers somewhere in the farm! When no one is around! Then he will come, pray for her, and then dig it out! She will be convinced that it is someone else who had planted it there! Yet I know it is him (john) who will have planted it there”! Samuel told Meeme!


Are you sure that he will do that? Meeme asked Samuel?

“Yes! He will do it! You see, I was told that he visited a certain village in Amaara division. He told one lady there that it was her mother in-law who was bewitching her so that she cannot raise a family with his son! But do you know what he did? “No! What did he do?” asked Meeme!


He told the young lady that he will pray for her and uproot all the evil charms that had been planted in the floor beneath her bed by her mother in-law!”  “Really? How did she plant it in her bed? Asked Meeme!


I don’t know! But he went on there to remove that witchcraft from her house! Finally, he prayed for her and told her that he was shown a vision! In this vision, he was told that he need to give her a baby boy! This baby boy, if he sleeps with her and begets that son, then he will grow up and become the president!”


“What? He was shown all that? Did she have the baby boy with him then”? Meeme asked again while shocked! He remembered how john was coming at his parents homestead. How he was praying and all the directives he was giving them to keep him at bay so that he could not have seen what he was doing and interrupt him!


You know how boys are? He can shout at you in front of everyone and say, “Oh! Noooo! I have seen you remove it from your trousers! You cheating us! This can be really embarrassing. And boys are known for such characters.


Samuel told him that the lady slept with the man! To her surprise, she did not have one baby! But a triplets! She was not able to get them educated. How then they would have become even a village chiefs? Again, who could among them been the president he had prophesied to the young mother?


That how he ruined her marriage life! But as they say it! “Whatever goes around, comes back”, John had multiple issues back at his family too. He did not have time to raise his kids. Their kids grew up lacking parental guidance and later on in their adult lives. They became ungovernable!







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