THE PREACHER! PART THREE!!

When Meeme heard the story about the men of cloak cheating the school girls in all manner of how they are safe and how they are allowed to touch their genitalias, because they were holy and righteous, he was perturbed!

He remembered his childhood memories while growing up in his native village of AMUUKI! He remembered about the village prophet! That man of prayers! The man who was regarded as the evil chaser!


He used to pray and prophesy for you! In case you had a feeling that your neighbor is behind your sickness, then you had only one thing to do. To prove if he or she is the person behind your miseries or just other natural mysteries!


That thing was Just to a visit to Prophet John! Yes! He was the village prophet when Meeme was growing up! But the only thing that used to keep on disturbing him was the fact that it was only women who used to pay a visit to the Prophet John’s homestead! Few men rarely visited! The only men who could visit were referred to as the women in men! This was pure mockery!


If you had a persisting sickness, or any other problem, then Prophet John was there to get you sorted out!  Just visit him! He will say some prayers for you. He will start speaking in some languages that you could not understand! The words that were not from this planet!


After all the men of prayers could speak in languages! But forgive me here! I don’t know if they speak in languages that you don’t understand when there is no person who is there that can understand that language! I thought disciples were speaking in tongues in such a way that all people who were around them would understand what they were saying in their own languages. There was no need for an interpreter.


I thought that for someone to speak in tongues, he should be speaking a specific language that someone else, who is not from his tribe can understand what the speaking man his meaning!


In one occasion, John had visited a certain homestead, where he went on to prophesy and claiming healing. He visited an old man and his wife. But there youngest boy was there! It is a norm for the youngest kid to hang around with his parents when in his/her below tens!


John was there, at around 9.00AM! The rest of the siblings were already in their daily domestic chores. Some were looking after the livestock in the grazing fields and the rest were in the Shamba working there. Now the young kid, was seated on a stone that used to be on the left hand side of his father’s house. He used to seat there as he enjoyed the morning sun rays! The morning sun heat are not only sweet but also good for the young kid’s healthy!


John entered directly in their sitting room. After short duration of exchanging greetings, discussing some village issues here and there, he went directly to his main objective! The objective that had brought him there! It was time to pray and prophesy!


He told the old couple to close their eyes as they pray! But the young boy was there! He was keen to observe a prophet make a mighty prophesy! When his parents were closing their eyes to pray, Meeme could not close his! John was not dump on this!


Maybe he was aware that young boys are notorious! Perhaps he had encountered a situation where he was praying and some funny boys were not closing their eyes as he was conducting a miracle prayer! After all boys are tricky! They can even pretend that they are closing their eyes by covering their forehead with their palms yet they look at what you are doing via their palms as you think that they have covered their eyes completely!


John observed the boy! But the kid was also eager to see a prophet making a miracle. So when he was praying, while the couple had their eyes locked, Meeme was looking at them keenly! John observed that and realized that the boy was really observing his actions with his eyes wide open!


He told his parents that there were some spirits that were creating some obstacles in their prayers. These spirits were responsible for the short cuttings of the prayer. He pretended that that was the situation. But his problem was the boy looking at him. He could not close his eyes. He told them that there was an evil spirit that was coming via the gate. The gate was not very far from the house.


He told them that for them to have a successful prayer, the evil spirits had to be blocked from entering the house at the gate! To achieve this, the little boy was to stand at the centre of the gate. He was to be the obstacle to the spirits that were interfering with the prayers! He wondered how he could go at the gate to prevent the spirits that were interfering with the prayers!


Meme wondered on this. But he had to obey and show respect to his parents and the prophet. ”Could the spirits not pass over him and head straight to the room”? If for sure he had to prevent them why did he not request him to stand at the house door or maybe they shut the door?!


But john was aware that if the boy was to stand at the door, he will still observe what he was doing while he and his parents were deep in prayers! Again, if he could request that they shut the door, the boy would accompany them in the room. He could still pose the same challenge. So the right thing is to send him away to the gate! He becomes an obstacle to the perceived spirits since he was becoming an obstacle to his prayers!


Meeme headed on that and he walked immediately at the gate. He was to obstruct the spirits there from entering in the house where prayers were being conducted.


John was now at peace. The boy had left from where he was seated on. He proceeded with his prayers but the boy could still look at the room although it was in darkness now that he was outside and they were inside! He spewed some words like this “The voluntary service, service voluntary and voluntary services!”  Those were some of the words that Meeme could hear while at the gate!


After those short prayers, he promised the old couple that he would receive some visions that would guide him later on where the evil charm had been placed in their room by the witch! He also promised to come immediately received the visions!


To their surprise, what John was doing on this first day of the prayers, was to identify a possible place in the room where he could be in a position to cover himself from being exposed while he was extracting the planted charm. He identified the darkest corner in their room!


Few days later on, John paid them a visit. This time round was earlier enough! He did not want it to be in a broad light as the suns light would be strong and to some extent, it could illuminate on him and make him susceptible and vulnerable when he was carrying out his activities!


Other siblings were there! This time they had not gone on carrying out their daily activities. They had just finished taking their breakfast! But Meeme was still there! He had witnessed the first day activities! He was the youngest kid! He was neither assigned to those farm activities nor looking after the livestock on the field! No’! His was just the light domestic chores around his parents like being sent to warm them food, warm tea, bringing them this and that at home! Those were his duties! Duties that made him to be around his parents throughout hence becoming an obstacle to Prophet John!


Another thing, he was not the soft kid! He was really curious! He wanted to know and discover anything around him! This made him to observe any activity with a lot of attentiveness!

Prophet John was there! He walked directly to the corner of the room. The corner that was behind the door! It was really darker as opposed to any other part of the room. He said some prayers and requested to be given a fork jembe and a panga to dig where the charm had been placed!


He started his work! After digging for some feet, say one and half feet to two feet, he started spewing some words again. He requested one of the siblings to go and bring him some water in a plastic jar that was there. The elder sister brought him the needed water! He told them that water was curative to many things and he had foreseen in his visions that the charm was put in a plastic syringe!


Water would make this charm jump from the hole that he had dug and it would made the charm float on it! He spewed some expletive words as he was pouring water to the hole. He requested them to be serious in prayers lest the charm jumps on everyone. He poured the water and mysteriously, he placed his plastic livestock syringe on the water!


But Meeme was still serious and he observed that the man had the syringe in his pullover! So to him, he believed that the man was looking for a chance to throw it on the water! After he observed and was sure that everyone had closed his eyes deep in prayers, he shouted and said! “Here it is”!


When the syringe come into contact with the water, the chemical inside it was producing some cracking sound. According to Meeme, the chemical was white in colour! He up to date believes that the chemical was the famous wound chemicals that was used in those days to cure wounds or maybe it was some sodium metal that were put in the syringe!


After that, the prophet prayed again and said that the chemical was supposed to be burned! However, since it was a charm and it was planted by the evil ones, he needed to burn it himself. It was not wise for the couple to burn it. It could still affect them. But to him, it was not a problem since the charm had no any power over prophet!


That how he left his parents with his supposed to be a charm syringe with the chemical inside it. He said he will burn it at his home! He was given some cash as a wage for his efforts in ensuring an evil free family!


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