Ammon: (Still in a pool of confusion and looking surprised). How did we reach here? I mean… I mean how did we find ourselves here?

Thingira: Worse is still to come!  Too much casual in handling crisis here!

Ammon: what should we do now brother?

Thingira:  Let’s just do this. We go and inform the master!

Ammon: For me, I can’t! I mean, he is always bitter with me! This man is always angry with mebrother! I don’t know what I did wrong to him!

Thingira: No brother! It is better we inform him rather than leaving things the way they are!

Ammon: I think it will serve him better!

Thingira. No brother! It will be bad on Munari’s side! Let’s pass the information! Remember he has passed it to us. He has requested us to pass it on his behalf.

Ammon: Come on brother! For me I can’t pass that information to the old man! He has labeled me as a bad omen!

Thingira: No brother! Let’s do it for this man, Munari! I am also known as a dooms seer! Remember!

Ammon: Let’s do this brother! Go and inform him. For me, let me go and have a look of the things on the ground!

Thingira; Okay brother! Let me see if I will be given an ear!

Ammon: Okay brother! (Thingira comes back while Ammon proceeds to the animal farm. There at the animal farm. Munari is with Alice, and Many.)

Many:  (to munari.)What happened? Why there has been no drugs provided yet?

Alice: I think we have been sending Munari. This is second week now. No action has been taken so far!

Many: (To Munari, who is still silent. Not talking to any of them.)  I mean… I … have you been reporting these issues sir? (Munari is still quiet as they take the dead calves out to the carrier for disposal.)

Alice: To many. Yes! I believe all the issues have been reported. Munari has been doing it all throughout.

Many: But why there has been no drugs yet?

Munari: (To Many.) Drive it to the incinerator!

Many: They said we incinerate the carcasses sir?

Alice: I believe so!

Munari: (Looking at the two). Should we wait for them as these carcasses rot here? I have been running up and down for the whole week looking for their treatments. Nothing has been availed yet! If these carcasses continue lying here, shall we be in a position to access this place? When they start rotting and disintegrate their stinking carbon matter?

Alice: You mean you have not informed them about this?

Munari: I have passed the information to Thingira and Ammon. I trust those two. They will pass the information.

Many: You should have done it yourself, Munari! It is your duty and an obligation too!

Munari: Do you know what I have been going through? Trying to pass all the information? If the two will not have delivered the information I don’t care about it anymore!

Alice: Let’s wait for the directives sir! Me I see it like that! (Many cuts her!)

Many: (While pointing her finger towards the gates of the shed and speaking in a lone tone.) I can see one of them coming.

Alice: (Afraid of turning her neck back.) Who could that one be?

Many: (While Munari faces the gates.) I suggest it is Thingira:

Munari: (To Ammon.) Have you delivered the information my lord?

Alice: We need to see what we can do swiftly! This situation is getting out of hand.

Ammon: (While observing the carcasses on the carrier). Hello guys!

Many & Alice: (Together.) Fine sir!

Ammon: What is the evil here? I mean what is bedeviling you here guys??

Munari: What should we do my lord?

Ammon: What do your colleagues suggest?

Alice: We suggest that the carcasses be incinerated immediately because they will start stinking with time!

Ammon: (To Munari.) How do you see that?

Many: But sir! We cannot incinerate them without you having instructed us to do so?

Ammon: Okay. I thought you have informed your manager?

Many: We have informed you sir!

Ammon: Just proceed and have them incinerated!

Munari, Many & Alice: Okay sir

Munari: (To many and Alice.) You can take them to the incinerator. Make sure that they are incinerated!

Many: We have it done Munari! (Many &Alice take the carrier to the incinerator.)

Ammon: What do you think is what should be done Munari?

Munari: (Scratching his head.) I can’t tell my lord.

Ammon: No! You can tell. You can advise! Remember you are the person on the ground!

Munari: If they purchased the drugs on time, we could have alleviated this problem.

Ammon: Did you report early on time? Munari!

Munari: Yes my lord! I reported to Mangira. He rebuffed it on the basis that those were unconfirmed cases. He also said that such a disease can not affect any animal at this time because the season is already over!

Ammon: Did you report to any other responsible person or did you try to find the drugs on your own from the store?

Munari: Yes my lord! I did! But the store keeper told me that I didn’t have any authority to enquire for the drugs directly! She said I wanted to steal the drugs and sell them for my own benefits!

Amoon: Oh! Really?!

Munari: Yes sir! I reported to your brother, Thanga. He also said that the season was over and to add on that, I wanted to prevent them from selling the heifers and the bulls.

Ammon: And why would you try to prevent them? To have what benefit?

Munari: My lord! I can’t answer that! They have been selling some calves and heifers without even other workers being aware. Only your brother, Mangira and the store keeper! They are the only people whom I know that they have been selling.

Ammon: Did you report them? You need to report such cases!

Munari: Where would I report them? (Ammon holds his hands. They start walking towards bulls and heifers sheds). You see… I … err… the last time I reported them to master. It backfired to me! I was threatened that I would be fired!

Ammon: Did you report them to mother?

Munari: To be sincere! My lord! I never! Because the master also sold some thirty bulls via the fence as it is against the norm. I realized that the store keeper was also, in conjunction with Meta, the cereals farm manager, were selling several cereals and to some extent, they use the cash to buy the chemicals for the crops on their own expenses. That why the production has been in reduction.

Ammon: (Shocked.) What? You mean… you mean that the… the crops are not well taken care of too? That why there is a huge reduction in production?

Munari: That could be the reason my lord! But please I pray one thing from you. My lord!

Ammon: Which one thing sir?

Munari: Do not mention me anywhere sir! I will be fired!

Ammon: Don’t worry Munari! I will stand with you!

Munari; I beg you my lord!

Ammon: Why do you have to fear anyone here Munari? My father will never sack you! I can assure you that! It is better he sacks all of us Munari!

Munari: I beg you please! I know I will be fired! Mangira and your brother hates me! They say that I am the only person who makes them not to enjoy their lives and their stay here in the farm my lord1

Ammon: We shall be through with this one once and for all. Don’t worry about it anymore!

Munari; I trust you my lord! (They reach at bulls sheds. Several are lying on the ground.)

Ammon: You see these ones also? They are not well at all!

Munari: They are sick also! They need fast response or we start losing them too!

Ammon: I think this is a crisis now! (Aside.) What could have happened so that someone can neglect all his roles like this? Then why even the ones who are delegated to perform different tasks are also performing worse? There must be a reason. (While in his thoughts but affected by the situation. Munari realizes that there is something going on in Ammon’s thoughts. He chooses not to interrupt.  But Ammon lets his thoughts out.) What could have caused all this my God? Why would people concentrate in destruction rather than construction?

Munari: (In a low tone.) We leave that one to God alone! He is the one who knows what happens and what should not happen! He is also the one who knows why some things happen!

Ammon: That could be true! But he is still the one who gave humanity a mind to discern what is right and what is wrong. Whenever you see someone doing something wrong. Never think that that person is not aware of what he is doing! I mean that everyone is always aware that whatever he is doing is either right or wrong! It could be unwise for someone to pretend that they don’t know that whatever they are doing is wrong!

Munari: That is true! But do you know what my lord?

Ammon: What do I know Munari?

Munari: Each and every one, either doing wrong or right. He knows that he is doing it right to himself.

Ammon: What are you supposing?

Munari: I mean this! That whether we do right or wrong, we always do it for our own benefits! You see, when someone steals something from you. That person is stealing because he believes that stealing will serve him good. I mean he steals to benefit himself.

Ammon: He benefits himself for that moment but later on what follows is destruction!

Munari: While! That could be the case! But when that person is stealing, he steals to serve him good. When someone else does what is right or what is good, he does it good to himself also. He believes that when he does what is right, good things will follow him too! Others will do him right too!

Ammon: But that never happens. The thing is that if we did what was right to everyone, everyone would be experiencing what is right unto him too. But selfishness kills the good things. You see my brother Munari! In this world, a greedy person can never be satisfied! Even if you gave them everything in the world! They will still be satisfied not! They want what is left and not what they have!

Munari: Tthat is true my lord. I mean greed and evil are the worst enemies of humanity!

Ammon: Exactly! You see, what we eat, drink, wear or have, we cannot exhaust them! But the greed and evil embedded unto our hearts, Cheats us that there some people who should not be having! That we are the only people who are entitled to everything.

Munari: That true! But my lord! I have a question to you!

Ammon: Which one sir?

Munari: What of these people who don’t have but them hate to see others having anything in under the sun?

Ammon: Those people are in another category of people too. These are the lazy people who never work! They don’t work on their own! But they want to have everything that a person would have!

Munari: Eeh!

Ammon: But since they can’t afford to have them, and that they don’t want to work on their own, they become murderers and thieves! They still join their counterparts who have what a man would be having but jealousy and evil fills their hearts!

Munari: Can we say that that is where witchcraft arises from too?

Ammon: Perfect! You see witchcraft is of different forms!

Munari: What do you mean my lord?

Ammon: What would you explain from these scenarios?  Someone has all what someone else would wish to have! But this person is sleepless due to the person who has nothing compared to him! He spends his time thinking of how he can deprive the man with nothing everything! Such people would make sure that others don’t breathe in this Gods air!

Munari: True my lord! But what of different types of witchcraft? I mean what do you mean by that?

Ammon: You see! When someone is a witch, He or she thinks of killing others or maybe disturbing others with witchcraft such that they don’t enjoy their lives or their sweat! While that person himself never enjoys anything from his witchcraft deeds. I mean he gets nothing as a result of his or her actions of witchcraft! Likewise, there are people who don’t practice any magical witchcraft but deep down in their hearts, they are same with the witch! They use dubious ways to impoverish others! All these people are the same. (They reach horses’ shed. He pauses as he inspects the animals.) Even these ones are sick too?!

Munari: In fact all animals in this farm, are sick! Maybe it is only the people who are not sick!

Ammon: You are wrong! People here are sicker than animals!

Munari: What do you mean?

Ammon:  If people were not sick here, these animals could not be sick! Actually no animal would have fallen sick here!

Munari: I can agree with this! Now what should we do!

Ammon: You said that when you reported they said that you were against the sales?

Munari: Yes my lord!

Ammon: And what did Clara say? You said she told you what?

Munari: No! I never met her! I found the house doors locked for two days! They are usually opened at five in the evening. But I cannot approach them at that time!

Ammon: Why can’t you approach them?

Munari: You see at that time, is when all of them comes from the city!

Ammon: Why I am not understanding what you are saying?!!!………………………………….







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