THE PREACHER:

                                                                               PART TWO!

Meeme lived with his son! After they parted ways with the mother of his kid, the sweetheart of six years and a mother of a three year old son! It was almost a decade of love! But to him, it turned out to be a decade of being lied on! Yes! He believed that she had been cheating on him for the whole of that duration they stayed together!


Nothing could convince him that he was never cheated on with anyone else apart from pastor Mwabiro! You couldn’t convince him that it was only that short duration of time, but he believed that it was a full decade of cheatings!


He decided to live like that! Trusting no one else including himself!

What made him believe this?


Makena was a student in the intermediary level! Whenever schools were on recess, especially in that month of December long holiday, she used to attend some organized church rallies!


These rallies were carried out in some specific boarding schools! The pastors of the concerned denominations would select one school where they could hold their rallies for either a week or even two weeks depending on the time, theme and the denomination tastes and preferences!


It was here where Makena, together with her friends (of course her age mates) learnt some new lessons! Makena would leave her parents’ home for the rally! The parents would not hesitate in giving their children permission for attending church rallies! It was not a bad idea after all! It is from here that their daughters and sons would learn good morals based on religious backgrounds!


Attending the rally itself was a good and a wise decision! Who would not like their kids to have such morals?  No one!


But the problem was not the parents! Not the men of the word! Not the age mates! The problem was the moral decays in some elements of the society! You see, the preachers were not aliens! No! Some preachers were of course parents! Some of the age mates were of course among the preachers! But whoever said, that the whole meat is made to rot by just one fly, he was never wrong!

These rotten flies were everywhere. In schools, at homes, and in these camps!

Makena was an innocent girl! Yes! She was an innocent girl. She didn’t know anything like sexual intercourse! No! She never knew that!


Here she is! She was preaching in high school during the Christian union services and fellowships at the school. She used to attend and she was an active member during the weekend challenge rallies!


She was in this camp still as one of the preachers! She could spend the whole day either preaching or preparing for the main preacher. Referred to as the facilitator! Later in the evening, the preachers were having supper in different room from the other congregation!


It was during this time, when the preachers (especially the young ones) were having supper and some evening service preparations. When they sandwiched Makena and her colleagues as they took their evening delicacies!


Makena and her friends, being innocent girls, could not resist! After all these are men of holier than thou!


But the hell started breaking loose after few days of being sandwiched! These men would caress, overturn and under turn these little angels!

It was from these activities, when these angels started experiencing some un-explainable feelings in their bodies!


One of them, when trying to tell their ordeal to others was overheard as saying: (nilianza kuskia nywaaa!) Like I was being cut with a razor blade in my intestines! Nywaa! Then my heart started over pumping the blood in my arteries and drained my ventricles! The nywaa sedation feeling took my breathing! I started feeling like I was being oxygen indebted!


They continued touching and touching them! The nywaa sedition continued for the next few days! Before they left the camp, the nywaa feelings had matured to some unspeakables! All this in the name of the December school holiday church camps!


Makena was narrating all this to her friends! This was happening during their fourth year of high school studies! This was the time when they used to wait for their national examination results!

To know their fate! If they were to join the university education (universities were few and the rest could only think about joining forces. The middle level college education was not in public limelight.) The results were much hyped and at this time, any kid would be easily drawn into other abomination activities.


But Jenny(one of her friend) had the same problem! In her case it was not the preaching cohort but her fellow campers! Her fellow age mates! Who were also in attendance! She could not fathom their reasons of being in attendance! Were they there for the rally? Was it for religious purposes or it was just mating reasons? Were they running away from their homes? To avoid the farming season and grazing activities?


She never found these answers from her friends!

Her friend Lorna replied to their stories! She also had a story to tell!

Her story was the same! But in different environment! She used to visit her mentor in the house of worship! The man of cloak! (I don’t know if it is cloak or clock or both! Who knows?) The guy introduced this teenager in the act of touch me I touch you! As the P square singers of Nigeria had said it! Yes! Touch me I touch you oh!


She was afraid! She was reluctant! But the man had guts to let her learn that sisi kama watumishi kitu yetu haina dhambi hata ukishashika. (We as the preachers, our genitalias are holy than thou! Even if you touch it!) “Just touch it cute!” The guy said unto her!


But due to her naivety, she touched it! Turned it! Measured it! Cuddled it! It became a norm to her! Unfortunately,this man of sisi hapana thambi tumeruhusiwa kushika hii vitu left! He was kind of transferred! Then to her, it was real! It was a norm. After all she was just a mentee! She thought that it was true! It was true that watumishi wako holier than thou!


She met another man of cloak! This time round, she met the true man of cloak! She stayed with him for some time! Days passed! Weeks passed! But the man of cloak did not mention anything like “touch my Otile oh! My otile is holy even if you touched it! We are allowed because we are righteous!”


One of those days, she gathered her courage and asked him! “Why don’t you let me touch your Otile like Brother Mate?”

The man of cloak was astonished! He asked her how and what she meant! She narrated to him what pastor Mate had told her and what she did with his Otile!


This man told her that such an act was sinful! He warned her never to let anyone else learn such an act! She should never tell anyone else that story!

But she was here with her friends! Same year high school graduands awaiting for their secondary education national results!


Makena could not believe this from her friend Lorna! How on earth such men would dare treating them like that? Was it because of their naivety or they were such dump fools. Who didn’t know that they had a most sought part of their bodies! A part that would may be make them an instant millionaires if they utilized it well?


But Lorna informed her that that could be a wrong path! It was the men in the preaching camp that were wrong! That that nywaaa sedition was leathal and the men who had made them to go through the nywaa feeling would not go unpunished!!


When Meeme heard this story! He believed that he should never try living his life with any other person in his life! The only thing he was focused on was bringing up his son not only as a single father but also as a young man!


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