THE PREACHER:

                                                                                         PART ONE.

Meeme worked as a casual worker at a pineapple farm near Thika town. He rarely earned an annual leave to travel back to his home. He was 23 years old. But whether it was a good or bad luck, He had married at that tender age!


He had a child and a wife. Due to the prevailing economic hardships, he left them at his mother’s home in the village! He could not sustain his family at his place of work! The pay was not that all much! He still needed to establish his empire with his queen and the three year old prince!


Again, at home, she could do some sort of farming and at least sustain her life there too! The combination of her farming even though subsistence, and his earnings, when put together could at least build them a decent house. In future, their combined efforts could have earned them some capital to start a small business that they could do together. Or the wife could start the business while he sustained it before it picked! After it picked, he was ready to come and join her in their family hustle! He was sure that he had started his life well and he could be someone great in future!


Even though he had left schooling at the age of eighteen and her also, he was sure that together with his high school and a six year not only a friend but also a fiancée, would make it well.


He trusted her! She trusted him! They dated since when they were in form one! They loved each other! This was his belief! He believed that theirs was a true love story! All these were his beliefs! They had a kid during their six year romantic friendship!


Now he is at the pineapple farm working there! A place far away from his rural place. She is at her mother in-law home in one of Tigania East villages! He believed everything was very okay! She was a church girl! He was a church boy! She could hardly miss those pastor ordained sermons and weekly meetings for the prayers and other church activities!


You know how much the hardworking preacher had to extra work in reaching his followers for home based prayers?! He really traversed several villages paying his faithful’s some courtesy visits and conducting prayers! It is a norm for the faithful to have the men of cloak visit them.


To Meeme that was not a problem! He was not the man who was against the men of cloak visiting his family and conducting some blessings prayers! No! He was not that man! He didn’t have any issue with that. Even if he was to be told that today pastor Mwabiro was in your home praying, there could be no any problem with that!


Trouble knocked when he came at home! First, he did not secure a leave during the Christmas time. So he came in the month of March. That is when he secured some fourteen days leave!

As a man, who had a family, he left his workplace in the afternoon. It was on thirtieth march. He made some family shopping. Both for his mother and for his wife. He didn’t forget about his three year old prince! He bought him some gifts and toys!


He travelled. Reached his village at some hours late in the evening. At around ten P.M. He reached his mother and other siblings, greeted them all, and exchanged some pleasantries with his queen. Due to some travel   fatigue, he just slept by 12.00 midnight. They didn’t make love that night!


Tomorrow came. He woke up late and spend the whole day there in the compound. When the night fell, he knew his wife! It was really long since he left. Their moments were really as sweet as when they knew each other! When they were all in form one!


The next morning knocked! He hanged around again! But he left in the afternoon to go and meet some village and his childhood friends! He met some of them! Exchanged some greetings here and there! Bought some of his villagers some glasses of the village brews! When the sun started disappearing in the west, he left again to his home! This was now first of April!


Some of his friends had something to tell him! But since it was on a much hyped April first termed as a fool’s day and day to tell lies, they didn’t say anything unto him!


That night again, he knew his wife! Their moments were still sweet with their fire rekindled as new as it was in the beginning! The next day came again! He left to his villagers in the afternoon again!


It is from this point that some fellas rumored that this guy’s wife knew the pastor! It was not once, not twice but severally! He overheard it but he never trusted any of such rumours! After all they wanted him fail in his family life! He told himself. He knew his wife since she was in form one! He trusted her! She trusted him!

He went back home! But he had doubts! Before he could do anything or asking his wife anything, he asked one of his close and a long time village friend about what was being murmured in the ghetto? His friend told him that “it is true Ngete! I feared to break those news unto you!”


What? It was really shocking! The same pastor? The same one who is rumoured in the village to be hiv +ve? Yes! It is the one and only! How did they get that story was his next question! “He is the one who was boosting to some village men how he had a hold of your wife! How happy he was”! His friend told him! Really?! “He boasting and saying himself that he slept with my wife”?

“Yes”! His friend said!


He left and went straight to his wife! He confronted her! To his surprise, she accepted that it was true! “I fell on his traps dear”! She said!  She slept with him! Not once! What? How could she do like that? How did she betray him? But she pleaded guilty. She accepted that she betrayed her longtime lover!


Did they use any protection? She opened up and said that they never had anything like protected sex! This baffled him! He was perplexed! It is already at the night of the second of April. He come on thirtieth March. He knew her from thirty first March. The next day is on third April!


Another hell was that all the public health workers were on industrial strike! He wanted to access some post exposure drugs to protect himself against the deadly human immune virus! Where will get not only the drugs but also counseling?!


He was no longer stable in his mind! Some would say he was no longer stable upstairs! He is now challenged! Both psychological and physiological sickness were hanging on him!


The following day in the morning, they left to the nearby catholic missionary dispensary! They found those Italian sisters! They were too sorry for him and his wife! Unfortunately, they didn’t have the drugs by that time! What they had was only the counselling! They advised him to be courageous! To face the devil strongly! They encouraged him not to neglect the kid in case they turned out to be positive!


But this would only happen after some months! Because the viruses would not show up in the first two months!

Another advice he got was to forgive his wife and in case they part ways, he should not think of murder! To either the wife or for him to commit suicide!


The third one was the hope of still remaining negative despite the risk he had already gone through! He was told that the pastor might not be positive! But just the village stigma! Again! If he was positive and the viral load was below, he might not have transmitted the deadly virus! Again, if he had transmitted the virus to his wife, he had chances of still remaining negative! All this, he was told to trust and place his hope to his heavenly Father!


He left the catholic mission dispensary and he hurried to the local chemists, to still look for the drugs! They say that when a mongoose strikes your homestead, they usually follow each other! Several of them. In his local chemists, they didn’t have the drugs too. This was too sad for him!


At this point, the day was ending. Turning into a night again! A night of more nightmares. The following day being fourth of April! His fourteen days leave was no longer good to his soul, mental and bones anymore! He was now turning pale! His eyes red as blood! His lips were dry! His tongue was no longer able to pronounce any word the way it is supposed to be pronounced!!


The short form of PEP drugs was now an uphill task to his tongue! Public healthy hospitals are closed! Healthy workers are fighting with the county governments! They are not being paid! Local chemists are not having that important drug. The nearby mission dispensary is out of the drugs too! Too sad! His world was ending! It had come into a standstill!


The only option he had was now to try his final luck! By taking a van to the next nearest town, in search for any other mission hospital and look for the drugs! If this could not happen, the next was to take his life out of him!


He found them! He took them!

After some months, he was tested and he turned out to be negative! His former wife too was negative!

Today he raises his son as a single father! Life is still okay and good to him! However, he never trusts anyone! Including his brain and his soul!


How could they sell him in believing that he could not be betrayed?!!!






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