Ammon: You guys you know that cows are sick and they have not yet been treated. What you want to introduce here you people is a blame games. We need treatment urgently now! Not an endless meandering stories!

Mangira: (Worried.)Let me see the drugs we have in store.

Ammon. I doubt if we can have such drugs in our store! It is long since we bought such drugs.

Kibondi: (To Mangira. And in a sharp angry voice.) Go and call that store keeper here! (Mangira leaves.)

Mrs. Kibondi:  (To her sons.) I also doubt if there is anything like that in these stores! I can bet that there is nothing in these stores. Stocking them as been done casually for the last six years. Even the handlers are never checked on what they are doing! People are always in pleasurable tours and wine taking as if they are in competition between wine and themselves!

Kibondi: (Angered.) What is that one supposed to me now?

Clara: (She clears her throat.)Cool down guys! No one’s mistake here.

Thingira: That what you may think. But someone is irresponsible in executing his responsibilities the way they need to be executed!

Kibondi: Go out and establish your own farm and execute those responsibilities of yours out there! But here no! aagrr! People must learn to practice respect.

Clara:  Maximum respect!

Mrs. Kibondi: Since the demise of your grandfather, about 11 years ago, everything here has been handled casually! God intervene! (There is a knock at the door again. Aliki, and Mangira enters.)

Kibondi: ( Still angry. Referring to Aliki.) After you were informed about the disease which action did you take?

Aliki: (Looks confused and shaking in fear.) My lord. I … I … I am …

Kibondi: What is this I… I… I… is supposed to mean? After that useless man who was here had informed you that there are some cows suffering from foot and mouth disease, did you give them the drugs for sickness treatment?!

Aliki: (Avoiding anything like eye contact with anyone.) My lord. I have no idea of that! I am sorry!

Kibondi: What did that man say? I knew he is very useless and lying!

Mrs, kibondi: (To Aliki.) What we need to know right now is what to be used and what is in the store to treat the sick animals.

Thingira:  In the store there, do you have foot and mouth drugs for these animals?

Aliki: (Still in fear.) My lords. It is long we purchased such drugs.

Mrs. Kibondi: I knew that. It is okay Aliki. (Kibondi is still in disbelief. He looks at Aliki).

Ammon: It is okay Aliki. Go and prepare a procurement sheets as fast as possible.

Kibondi: I am shocked! (Looking at Aliki in disbelief.)What is your work? Are you aware of your roles?

Mrs. Kibondi: (To Aliki.) Just go. (She bows as she gets out. Mangira also follows her.)

Thingira: (To his father.) I think we should stop everything else and act on what is urgent father!

Kibondi: (Angry.)What are you saying that we suspend?

Thingira: We suspend all other activities including the construction of the kiln Father!

Ammon: We embark on drug procurement and securing. Then we carry out a stock list exercise in all our stores.

Kibondi: Do you think the construction of the kiln is what has infected the cows? I mean… I … I … I don’t get your point!

Mrs. Kibondi: This is like putting water in a mortar and trying to beat it with a pestle expecting it to be anything else from water! (There is another knock at the door. Enter Thanga. Clara looks at him. But she is again quiet and not interrupted by anyone.)

Thanga: Hey folks. Why everyone is calm as if there is a quarrel here? You guys are still bothering our father with some unfathomable and mythical stories of some invisible creatures and small snakes?!

Ammon:  What says thou??

Thanga: Hey brother? You are back with rummours?

Ammon: What are you bringing brother?

Kibondi: Have you rolled out those orders?

Thanga: Yes father! I passed the information to Mangira.

Mrs. Kibondi: Then where had you gone? Because we were with him here but you were nowhere to be found?

Thanga: I got some bad news from Kiricho.

Kibondi: What is it my son? (As he stands up showing a man full of weary and being afraid.) What say you son?

Thanga: Kiricho has just informed me that some horses and bulls are sick. It looks like there is a foot and mouth outbreak. I had left to look for Munari to know much about the cows but I never saw him anywhere. That man is shrewd! At this hour of the day he is nowhere to be seen! (The rest are watching him as he talks in disbelief of his words.)

Kiboondi: (Stretching his hands out.) Oh Ntaara Maaiyu!

Mrs. Kibondi: While, as you talk, Munari was here and he delivered his message that cows and even calves are sick. He looked for all of you since yesterday and you were all nowhere to be found! Yet you are here blaming an innocent worker, who has made almost everything to work in this farm. While all of you, who are supposed to be responsible, are on pleasurable missions and wallowing in wine drinking! You have engaged in all sorts of pleasurable actions and forgotten your roles. Oh my God!

Kibondi: (Still in total confusion.) What are you saying now? When there is a problem at hand to be worked on people are here all over bringing unrealistic accusations and stories?! You must bring solutions to solve the problem at hand! Not bush stories depending on your small mindset thoughts!

Thanga: Father! Don’t be bothered! Let’s seek drugs from the store and we embark on treatment.

Kibondi: That crook doesn’t keep anything in that store. (Referring to storekeeper. Aliki) when this is over, I need her to be relieved from the store and taken to the field. To work on the farm.

Thanga: (Looking concerned.)Why are you saying that father? Did… did… did she steal the drugs?

Ammon: No one as stolen your drugs!

Thingira: the question should be like this. Are there drugs to be stolen? In the store?

Ammon: The question everyone should ask himself is when did you lastly buy such drugs?

Mrs. Kibondi: We are still wasting time with senseless arguments. You should have embarked on massive mobilization of the trained workers to carry out curative treatment immediately the drugs are availed. (Enters Aliki. Gives the order to Thanga.)

Thanga: (To his father.) Father! The list is here! Let me take it to Mangira to mobilize his staff to rush to the city and make a purchase!

Kibondi: Do it son! (He starts exiting but Ammon interrupts).

Ammon:  Have you given out the cash?

Kibondi: (Angry and totally upset.)Did you raise the cash issue out or you were here busy condemning the construction of the kiln? Where were you? (Thingira is perturbed by his father’s rebuke. To Thanga.) Look for Mangira as Clara brings forth the cash. We need to act faster. (Thanga exits).

Mrs. Kibondi. (To Ammon.) Is there cash available for that purchase? I think the last amount that was in savings was used in making orders of the sand and construction timber!

Ammon: We cancel that forthright!

Thingira: (To Clara.) Go out and request them to cancel the sand purchase and instead use that cash to purchase the drugs.

Clara. Okay. She exists. (Out there she meets Thanga and Mangira. Malera has already been called and he is arriving. The chariot is in standby mode. To Thanga.) You have been requested to cancel the purchase of the sand! Instead use that cash to purchase the drugs!

Mangira: (Scratching his head while his mouth is wide open.) We already sent Kiricho and he left with the cash some hours ago!

Thanga: (Confused.) What should we do now?

Mangira: (To Clara.) Just deliver the message! (She leaves)

Thanga: At what time did he live?

Mangira: About an hours ago. (Back at the house Mrs. Kibondi is still questioning the availability of the cash since sand was ordered some days ago.)

Mrs.Kibondi: What is the state of the availability of the cash? Bearing in mind that the sand was ordered some three days ago? Won’t the suppliers be upset?

Ammon: But mother! It is better we do away with the sand. We need to solve the problem at hand!

Thingira: And besides that! This sand may bring us another calamity. (Enter Clara. They turn to her as Thingira is still making his statement.) I mean, there could be another calamity brought about by that sand here. You see we are already having other issues to work on? We need not to bring other issues here.

Clara: Hey folks! These are the news!

Kibondi: (looking up to her.) What is it my daughter?

Clara: Kiricho left about one hour ago for the purchase of the sand. He left with the cash already.

Thingira: So we can’t cancel that one!

Kibondi: Can’t he be reached? Go back and tell Mangira to look for the fastest chariot to chase him. One hour ago is not far from here. It is a distance of two and half hours to northern sand lands.

Clara: Okay father! (She leaves.)

Kibondi: Yes! If the best rider moves swiftly from here, he can catch up with him before he reaches there!

Mrs. Kibondi: (To Kibondi.) What if he left earlier on?

Kibondi: do you have ears with you? Or a speech gets via one side and exists on the other one??

Mrs. Kibondi: Do you believe that he might have left just one hour ago? What if he left some hours back?

Thingira: Mother! We believe that he will be able to catch up with him.

Ammon: Now that our father and my brother Thanga insisted on purchasing the sand. What next course of action if there is no cash with us? (Outside, Clara finds, Thanga, and Malera still in waiting as Mangira is having a check on the chariot?)

Mangira: Malera!

Malera! Yes sir!

Mangira: This is why I always trust you! The chariot is perfect and well maintained!

Malera: Thank you sir!

Mangira: I have few officers who can do a good work like this.

Thanga: Sure! Sure! Like that guy by the name of Munira! I don’t trust him in anyway.

Malera: Oh no! My lord! Munari is a very obedient and a cautious worker. He really observes his duties and works precisely!

Thanga: You see! I don’t want to cross swords with you on that. But I am sure you are barking on the wrong trunk on that! (Clara arrives. To her.) What did they say?

Clara: You guys! You have been requested to look for the fastest chariot to catch up with Kiricho! Let him cancel the purchase of the sand!

Thanga: What?! We need the kiln?! Yesterday I was in the firm! Corns and wheat are ready and need to be dried before summer beats us!!

Mangira: They can look for other ways of drying them even if it means they lit fire!

Clara: That was the message. It is upon you to know what next!

Mangira: (To Malera) I trust you big brother. Run as fast as you can!

Malera: Okay sir! (He rides on the chariot. He exits at high speed. Clara goes back to the house)

Thanga: (To Mangira.)What is this now?

Mangira: What do you mean?

Thanga: Will he catch up with him? He left about two hours ago. And the time to cover that distance is about two and half hours from here for a normal rider?

Mangira: There is little we can do! But let him try! (Thanga leaves. He follows Clara. Clara enters into the room. Kibondi looks at him.)

Kibondi: Have they done so??!

Clara: Yes father! Malera has left at the speed of light!

Ammon: Now let’s think of another alternative in case he never catches up with him!

Kibondi: (Looking at him with a frowning face.) You are always a doom seer! Never trusts anything will work!

Mrs. Kibondi: He is right! You need to have plan B in case the first plan fails! (Thanga enters)

Kibondi: (To Thanga.) Let me believe that you have sent the swiftest rider?

Thanga: Yes father.

Thingira: Are you sure that he will catch up with him?

Thanga: I am not sure!

Kibondi: Why say that? You need to trust and believe in yourself!

Thanga: I believe father! He is a swift, obedient and decisive slave!

Kibondi: Okay. You can now relax my son! You have worked much! Not like other lazy sons of your mother! They never believe in themselves. (Ammon stares at him)

Mrs. Kibondi: They might be lazy to you but the most swift and decisive sons in your kingdom.

Kibondi: I am afraid I sired such men! I am not the one who sired such men!

Clara: Folks. This is not blame game time. It is time we worked in unison to combat the situation.

Thingira: I still insist!

Kibondi: Insists on what?

Thingira: On my brother Ammon’s point!

Kibondi: Which point? His stories of invisible creatures?

Clara: Maybe those creatures are the ones causing foot and mouth disease on the animals! They are invisible still!

Kibondi: How did they arrive in the firm then? Or he brought them?

Thingira: What? He brought them? (Ammon is still staring at his father in disbelief).

Kibondi: Yeah! He talks of invisible creatures affecting farms and animals. As he talks of it! Bad news breaks out!

Mrs. Kibondi: It is good to pay attention and to stop some rhetoric that are never healthy!

Ammon: (Still in disbelief but he soldiers on.) Well guys! I still believe that my point still holds on some water.

Thanga: (He interrupts him.) which water? Or… I mean which point?

Thingira: Suppose that that rider never catches up with Kiricho? He finds him through with sand purchase?

Ammon: Yeah! What will you do?

Clara: Why do you people always anticipate for bad news? Can’t you anticipate for good news at once at least?

Ammon: We don’t wish anyone bad neither can we wish ourselves bad omens!

Thingira: Exactly! But this never means that we be not prepared for the worst or for plan B!

Thanga: Let’s hope and believe that he catches up with him!

Mrs. Kibondi: I wish you the best in your anticipations! (She leaves to her living room.)

Kibondi: The better!! You leave me in peace! (Thanga stands as he leaves out. But his father interrupts him). Where are you heading to my son? Make sure that the trained animal workers are ready to administer the drugs once they arrive!

Thanga: Okay father! (He leaves. Clara clears the utensils as she adds them over to Atiso in the kitchen)

Thingira: (To his father.) Father! (His father doesn’t answer to him. He pretends as if he didn’t hear him.) Father! (He is still quiet. He calls him third time as if he is calling someone in the house.) Father!

Kibondi: What is it with you? Are you referring to me or your mother?

Ammon: For heaven sake father! What is wrong with you? (His father stands up but he is staggering.)

Kibondi: Which heaven are you referring?

Thingira: (Not affected. Still strong.) I need to tell you something else.

Kibondi: (While sitting down again.) Oh Ntaara! (Oh God!) When will you stop this?

Thingira: You see the rider was sent to catch up with Kiricho. But no one is ready to go and purchase the drugs once the rider arrives! He should have been instructed not to come to the farm but instead go to the city directly to purchase the drugs!

Kibondi: Who says that one is not in place?

Ammon: Here is the list of the drugs to be purchased. That Aliki had prepared! So he will have to come back here again. Send someone to be in waiting father!.

Thingira: Yes. I concur! So once he brings cash with him. The other person is already instructed. He goes and purchases the drugs immediately.

Kibondi:  Clara! Where is Clara? Call me Clara! Tell her I need her to go to that useless storekeeper and instructs her to look for someone among the slaves who will purchase the drugs.

Thingira: I can go there myself.

Kibondi: I know you people!! You are the ones making these female slaves work poorly because you are after them always!

Thingira: (Sits back down.) Okay then father! Let me call Clara for you! (Clara enters.) She is even here already. Send her father!

Kibondi: (To Clara.) Clara!

Clara: Yes father!

Kibondi: Go to that useless storekeeper! Instructs her to look for someone among the slaves who will purchase the drugs. Tell her that we need someone in standby mode. To pick the cash once it arrives with the messenger! No time for new more instructions and he might be fatigued upon arriving!

Clara: Yes father!

Kibondi: Pick that list there! (Pointing at the list where Ammon is seated)Take it to her!

Clara: Okay father! (She picks the list. She exists).

Thingira: (Clearing his throat. His father wants to go out. He interrupts him again.) Father!

Kibondi: What is it again? You Prophet of doom?

Thingira: I am sorry father! There is still a need of plan B. In case there is no cash! If the sand is already purchased what will happen? I mean what shall we do?

Kibondi: (With firmness and finality.)There will be no sand! I trust the message who was sent!

(He exits. Ammon and Thingira are left alone. The two of them. They are seen having a discussion. But they also exit. Outside, Clara is seen with Aliki. But Thanga is seen coming on their way too.)

Clara: Have this list. Make it hurry! Find one of your workers! Prepare him. Let him be on standby. As he waits for the messenger bringing the cash to purchase the drugs. Waste not a single second.

Aliki: (She seem not getting the message.) I beg your pardon my lady!

Clara: What is it that you are not getting?

Aliki: Make me understand please! What do you mean by the cash and the messenger?

Clara: There is no cash at hand and therefore, a messenger has been sent to bring cash with him.

Aliki: Excuse me my lady! He could have bought it directly instead of coming back?

Clara: (Feeling offended.)That is the information I was to pass unto you! Besides that! You don’t have to tell me what should have happened! Is it clear? I mean I am not the one making those orders my dear!

Aliki: I am sorry my lady!

Clara:  The rest I am not aware of it! (Thanga arrives.)

Thanga: (To Clara.) What is the issue again my sister Clara?!

Clara: Nothing much brother! I just brought her message! (As she leaves.)

Thanga: (To Aliki. Raising but a sharp voice.) What was she after?  (Aliki is still perplexed. She does not respond.) Hey! I am talking to you and no one else!

Aliki: I can’t understand what is going around!

Thanga: What is it?

Aliki: I am requested to look for a worker to send and purchase the drugs. But there is no cash! I wait for a messenger to bring the cash!

Thanga: That should not worry you my darling! (He holds her hands and folds them.) You don’t have to worry my sweet darling!

Aliki: (Looking afraid.) I can’t understand it.

Thanga: Leave this to me….. I will solve it my dear! Don’t worry about such a small issue.

Aliki: Okay please! Assist me there. (Ammon and Thingira are walking towards the animal farms.)

Ammon: (To Thingira.) Hey! Bro! What will happen in case the situation worsens?

Thingira: This man is too casual! He is handling issues in a childish manner!

Ammon: And to worse, there is a lot of misappropriations everywhere!

Thingira: You see! These guys are aware of his carelessness and his don’t care altitude.

Ammon: Exactly! And to some extent, even these animals I feel that some have been sold without our knowledge!

Thingira: He is not even aware. Mother is already tired and seems that she is no longer bothered by any action!

Ammon: Not really! She is overwhelmed. How it feels to live with don’t care people? Full of misappropriations everywhere at any given time!

Thingira: Our brother is also worse. I feel it like that brother!

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