Covid-19 is an infectious disease that was first discovered in china in its Hubei (Wuhan) province.

Standing for: corona virus infectious disease outbreak in year 2019

It is a virus that up to now is believed to have been transmitted from animals to human beings.

It is believed that bats could be (Muhammad Adnan Shereen et al. 2020) naturally the reservoir for the corona virus!

How did it find its way to human beings?

To answer this question, someone need to know or learn that there are markets in china that are mostly referred to as wet markets. Here in these markets, the chines trade animals and to them, many of animals are food.


One animal that has been implicated as an intermediary host of the viruses between bats and Chinese is the pangolin which is illegally traded animal in that place. (Graham Readfearn, 9, April 2020).

It is not the ordinary market of yours where you sell and buy domestic animals! No! To them, it is a wild animals market!

Anything alive and in the animal kingdom is food to these men. They range from most abomination animals that human being can result into eating as the last option when human beings are dead.

To these people, eating anything moving and in blood is a culture. In simple terms, these people are different people from other races. People with uncouth culture traits with no morals or even a single(leave buddhism to Japanese) religion that govern morals!


Better Indians who practice Hinduism and they are full of morals. In fact they have some animals that cannot be touched leave alone the thought of making them food!

A delicacy pangolin in hubei

It is from these weird and retrogressive behaviors that the short and small eyed human being who are believed to have fallen in love with bats plus pangolins that transmitted the virus to them. They managed to transmit the virus to the whole world because the whole world was somehow asleep!

Now they are mistreating Africans who even managed not to get infected by the virus since December 2019 to late in February 2020.


These are least people in the world to mistreat anyone!

Yes! Somehow the world was asleep because they treated these human beings in a friendly and in a human being way! They never treated them as a bat and pangolin lovers and many other weird looking creatures that to them are lovers and delicacy!


Now they are saying that Africans are infecting them!

How on earth a thief steals from you and start complaining that you are the one who is stealing from such a thief? How comes that the victim is again victimized by the victimizer in a broad day light?

A thief saying you have stolen from him!

This is an abomination!


They managed to infect the whole world with their stupid way of living in the last month of  year 2019!

Fast forward! Majority of Africans found themselves sick and contacted the virus! Save for them conducting business with the bat lovers!


In Africa, majority of the African countries do conduct many businesses with Chinese companies. These businesses are mainly substandard items and through dubious and crooked means of production and sales. In other words, they sell substandard goods to African continent due to stupid and crooks who sell such commodities to their fellow counterparts in their motherland!


This is aided by poverty in the masses which facilitated by the crooked leadership in place! Mainly, these businesses are carried out by people who are linked to the leaderships of the day.


The rain started beating Africans long time ago! When leadership of any country was tribalized!!When leadership was never a service to the masses but as a means of acquiring wealthy from the masses.

That is why up to now you see majority of African leaders are yet to retaliate to the inhuman acts that are being done to Africans in Kuangzhou nation!

They are not there to protect or lead their masses but rather to steal and squeeze the sweat of their fellow countrymen! They are there to trade their masses to the Chinese authorities!


They have taken massive loans from Chinese not to carry out developments in their motherland but rather to loot it from them! That is why they are quite! How can they retaliate to people whom they conspire and steal together with from their masses??


If in doubt, ask yourself why these Africans can’t involve nations that are wealthy and morally upright nations like Japanese and Italians in building and loaning??


After all these nations are stable development wise, no massive corruption and looting! No substandard and shortcuts?

As opposed to the land of mongoloids, who are as poor as rats! They are there to rape and slave trade Africans!

You wonder why these African leaders cannot involve such giants in building and constructing their development infrastructures. The only answer is because they will not kickbacks in tender awarding processes!

Say no to racism against Africans! It is a wake-up call to African leaders!


Once the evil corona pandemic is over, impose trade embargo against Chinese!

Anything Chinese commodity must not land on African soil!


Settle Chinese loans within one year and clear all the debts that you owe them!

If you don’t have such cash take a loan to repay it from other nations with upright morals to humanity and not as foolish as these animal beings!


If African leaders are not ready for this, let Africans take actions themselves!

Let them start revolutions across the continent and do away with any leader who is promongolias!

Say no to mongoloids!


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