Mrs Kibondi, Ammon& Thingira: (All of them at once.) Tell us Munari

Kibondi: Oh Ntaara maiyu! (Oh my God!)………

Munari: (Bowing down as a show of respect.) I am sorry my lord!

Mrs.Kibondi: What is it Munari?

Kibondi: Haven’t you taken any breakfast? (Being tough and demeaning) Then you can have it here! Just check on what they have left if there is any!

Munari: (While bowing down and with a lot fear.)No my lord! I am okay!

Kibondi: What else then? Do not bring me those shenanigans of yours out there anymore!

Thingira: Wouldn’t you let him deliver his message father? What are the shenanigans father?

Kibondi: (Mimicking.) What are the shenanigans father?! Can’t you see that you have spoilt my day with your endless stories of oh we have this oh we have that? Is this the house of miseries?

Ammon: (stands up, holds Munari’s hands and beseeching him. He lets him have a seat. Munari bows again as a show of respect. He takes a seat.) Just have a sit here Munari! Relax first! Just have a sit please!

Munari: Thank you my lord!

Mrs. Kibondi: (She picks a cup and fills it with grape juice. Picks some arrowroots and hands over to Munari.) Have what we have just taken Munari. You are a good servant. (Munari refusing to have them in fear.)

Munari: No Ma’am. I am okay please Ma’am. (Ammon picks them from his mother. He hands them over to Munari)

Ammon: Take these for breakfast brother Munari! Relax here! Have a Drink first. Then deliver your message. If you don’t take them, then don’t deliver your message. (Munari picks them while shaking his hands)

Kibondi: (Looking at all of them as if they are strangers unto him.) I knew you wanted to have some drinks here with us! I know you people. Clara!

Clara: Yes father!

Kibondi: Make sure that no one among these men and women has a taste of my wine! Ensure that it is intact and well preserved! (Looking at Munari keenly and referring to him.) I know that is what brings some of them here!

Thingira: (Not paying attention to what Kibondi is saying. While holding Munari on his shoulders.) Sir! What is it please? (The rest have their attention shifted from their father to Munari)

Munari: It is the cows!

Kibondi: Cows?? What wrong with cows?

Munari: Some cows are severely sick. They are not feeding nor take even water!

Kibondi: Bullshit! (He drops the cup he is holding onto the floor) Since when?

Munari: (While looking on the floor with a low tone.)Yesterday my lord!

Kibondi: (Mimicking.)Yesterday my lord! Where were you all that time?

Munari: I am sorry my lord! (While bowing down.) I came yesterday to deliver the message but I never found anyone here my lord!

Kibondi: If you never found anyone here where were they? Clara my daughter is always here! Clara!

Clara: Yes father!

Kibondi: (To her.)What is this man saying?

Clara: (While looking down.) I was here father! I never saw him. (She pauses as if she is trying to remember something). I didn’t see any one father!

Kibondi: (Angrily to Munari.) What are you trying to say? Are you making a fool of me?!

Munari: No my lord. (While looking down as if he is counting his toes.) I am sorry my lord! It is as if I never opened the doors! May be she was indoors and the doors were shut behind! I am sorry my lord. (He turns to Mrs. Kibondi. looking afraid. Mrs. Kibondi realizes that Munari is humiliated and he is afraid.)

Mrs.Kibondi: (Looking sharply to her husband and directing to him.) It is enough! Munari is sorry about his mistakes. He will not repeat it again!

Ammon: Exactly! What is of importance right now is to find the cure! Munari has delivered his message already. What is next is the implementation part.

Kibondi: What? (Still angry and his tone is still high.) If he found no one here what of the farm manager? Did you reach to him? Did you reach to Mangira? My senior guard?

Munari: (Still shaking) I never show him also my lord!

Kibondi: What?

Munari: I mean that … that… that I never saw him my lord!

Kibondi: Rubbish! What about the farm assistance manager or the store keeper? Aliki? (All this time, Clara is dead quiet! Mrs. Kibondi is keenly observing Munari. She intervenes.)

Mrs. Kibondi: Mangira was busy yesterday. He had a meeting with the guards and the farm workers. Have you forgotten that you are the one who had requested to have that meeting but you were never available?

Thingira: Of course father! You were never seen yesterday. So Mangira took over father!

Kibondi: And what of Thanga? Was he not there on my behalf?

Thingira: He was nowhere to be seen also!

Kibondi: (Cools his tempers. He looks at all of them from one to one.) Clara! (She is absent minded. All what is going on in her mind is about the lies that she can cook and may be use them to defend herself. She also remembers how she spent the time in question.)

Clara: (She remembers how it all started. It had started in the morning when she had went to see Atiso in the kitchen. Slave’s kitchen is at the corner of senior manager’s house. After returning. She met with Mangira. To him.) Good morning Sir!

Mangira: (Leaving his room in a hurry to serve some clients who had come to purchase some heifers.) Hey darling!

Clara: You seem to be in much hurry! Where to?

Mangira: I am in a hurry! Darling! I need to meet some clients. They want to purchase some heifers!

Clara: (In a teasing mode as she catwalks around letting her golden linen flown by the air around.) Really? Mmmh! Or you are rushing to service one of the farm slave mistresses?

Mangira: (He stands firm observing her keenly! His keys and some envelopes containing some documents falls down.) I am sorry darling! (As he picks the fallen items.) I don’t have anyone else here a part from you my dear Clara!

Clara: (Still whirling around.)Then? I am here all day alone! And you going to sell heifers?

Mangira: In the afternoon I have to attend to workers meeting on behalf of the master! What do you propose my dear Clara? You are everything to me!

Clara: Nothing much!

Mangira: Why can’t we do it this way? I go and check on them, then I delegate the task to Aliki?

Clara: Mmm. Okay! I don’t trust anymore. It has been a while!

Mangira: Oh I am sorry my dear! Clara!

Clara : ( Still moving in rounds and her dress being lifted up as she twists herself like a whirlwind) I know not! Then what about the afternoon meeting?

Mangira: (As if he is remembering something.) That should not worry you! We can as well as delegate to the farm manager assistant. Mr. Kiricho!

Clara: (Still moving around like a rolling ball). Mmm! Okay! We can see. If someone is capable of saying an inch of truth.

Mangira: (He moves next to her. He hugs her for a long such that she struggles to have a glimpse of a breath.) I am sorry darling! (As he holds her and caressing her around her waist. A little bit of caressing here and there!) See you in the next one hour darling.

Clara: I am not comfortable with that!

Mangira: (Looking confused.)Why? Why my dear?

Clara: (In a soft and moaning tone.) What if my father comes back or my siblings?

Mangira: Find you at the Rhode farm! Two hours from now!

Clara: (Still in her soft and low but prolonged voice.) Okay then! As you say! (Mangira leaves in haste. She also walks back to master’s house. She opens the door. Starts clearing and arranging the tables. Deep in her, are thoughts of last two weeks memories of her with Mangira. She remembers how they arrived at Alupo city riding on the guards chariot. This how it started when they had met. She was from Atiso when they met. He was from Aliki. The store keeper. )

Mangira: Darling. I will find you at the Rhodes farm at one P.M.

Clara: Mmm! Really?

Mangira: Yes! Exact at one P.M. If in doubt start counting from now and see if I will be wrong. Set and check your hand clock by that time!

Clara: Fine then. Lemme go, prepare the room and have a shower!

Mangira: Okay then darling! (She goes and arranges everything in haste. She had a shower. She left to the farm. At exactly one o’clock, Mangira arrives. But he tiptoes as she is keen having a close look at some flowers at the end of the fence. She is enjoying the fauna and flora of the farm since it is near to the forest. He grabs her on shoulders. She almost screams out but he grabs her on her throat and silences her mouth by covering it with his huge palm. He releases her after she has discovered that he is the one. ) Relax beauty! Why all that fear? Just check on your clock!

Clara: (As she still hold her breath in disbelief. She got frightened!) How dare you! You almost killed me!

Mangira: Oh! No my dear! How can I do such to the person I love most? (Hugging her.) Just check on your clock.

Clara: (She looks at her clock but not much interested in what the clock is reading.) You almost killed me!

Mangira: Am sorry my queen! Let’s move. (He unlocks the farm gate. He had requested one of his juniors to leave the chariot near the farm gate. They get out quickly as he grabs her hands.)

Clara: (Seems astonished upon finding the chariot at the farm gate.) What? You have a chariot here? What will my father say about his chariot?

Mangira: (Smiling). This is not a big deal. He knows that I am the one using it.

Clara: (Still wondering) When did you leave it here?

Mangira: I had requested one of my junior guards to bring it here and leave it there. I had informed him that the master will use it by 12.30 o’clock. That how it landed here my darling! (He narrates to her how it happened.)

Mangira: (To Malera. His junior.) Malera!

Malera: Yes sir! (Standing in obviation).

Mangira: The master needs his chariot prepared in the next twenty minutes!

Malera: Okay sir! It will be done at your orders sir!

Maringa: Not only that!

Malera: As it serves you sir!

Mangira: Prepare it as soon as possible. Within those twenty minutes. Let it be ready!

Malera: Consider it done sir!

Mangira: Then after that. Take it out to Rhode farm gate! Tether it there on time. Master is on that part of the farm and he considers to use it immediately!

Malera: Okay sir! (He leaves. He prepares the chariot and takes it to the Rhode farm gate)

Clara: Really? Who is that man?

Mangira: Why do you want to know that man my queen? (As he assists her to get in the chariot.)

Clara:  Whoa! (She gets in the chariot). Not really! I wonder who did that all that fast!

Mangira: It is Malera. My most obedient companion.

Clara: Whoa! He is respectful and not timid!

Mangira: (As he drives the chariot on.) He is a very obedient boy! God bless him with a good life.

Clara: Like you!

Mangira: Oh yes!

Clara: In enjoying good things of this world like you do.

Mangira: Oh no! Just say good things like you!

Clara: Mmm! Am I a good thing really?

Mangira: (As he caresses her around her thighs. they are well covered by purple and glittering dress.) Whoa! Whoa! You are not aware? You are the only good thing that I have ever met and had in this life.

Clara: What about you and your life? Are you not a good thing also?

Mangira: (As he speeds up the motion of the chariot.) Well! That one, I am not aware off! Unless I am informed about it!

Clara: You know as well. You are perfect my dear!  I don’t complain and I can’t complain!

Mangira: (Looking excited.) What do you mean? I mean… I mean … I mean that I can’t… I can’t understand what you are saying my lady!

Clara: Mmm. You know very well about everything and about yourself. You can’t lie on that! (As they highlight from their chariot.) Oh! How fast?

Mangira: Really?

Clara: Yea, too fast! (As they start leaving towards a big magnificent hotel in the city.) It was too fast. You rode it too fast my dear.

Mangira: (Excited about it.) I am always very fast. Being a senior officer like me you need to have gone through rigorous training and you need to execute things fast and perfect!

Clara: Mmmm. I told you that you are very perfect and right!

Mangira: (As he holds her and moving round his hands round her body.) Haha. Not what you mean! But today I will show you how things can be perfectly done.

Clara: (Looks like she is losing control of her movements. As if she is staggering. With low and weak voice as they enter to the hotel.) Oh! Really? Can’t say much darling! (They go to the cashier.)

Mangira: ( To the cashier) I need a one king size bed room. Well-kept neat with Carthage perfume!

Cashier: It is okay sir. Just two hundred US Dollars.

Mangira: That not much. (Still holding Clara and making some hand movement caressing her. He gets some cash from his pockets. He pays to the cashier.) Here it is!

Cashier: (Keenly observing them but pretends that she is not looking at them. Handing back some change to him.) Thank you sir! Here is your change!

Mangira: No! Serve us with northern Carthage zebu bull meat. Two kilograms. Accompany it with a Spanish made coffee! For a couple! Accompanied by Italian cappuccino for a queen she is! All right?

Cashier: It is alright sir! (She directs them towards the corner of the hotel dining room. As they wait to be served.)

Mangira: Not forgetting well-made Ugali for a gentleman like me!

Cashier: It is okay sir!

Clara: (As she takes a seat.) Thank you darling!

Mangira: Welcome my cutest queen!

Clara: Hey! Today is Carthage almost everything? Even people might turn out to be Carthegeans! (The waitress brings them their order. Then she hands them the key)

Waitress: Here is your order sir! The keys are here also. Number forty four! Left corner second floor. (Mangira grabs the keys. But he says no word.)

Clara: (To the waitress after realizing that Mangira is not paying much attention to her.) Thank you darling! (They take their meals and leave to the room. All this was going on in her mind. All this time she was cleaning the table and took shower. She dresses up hurriedly. She locks the door and leaves via the back gate. Through the wheat farm to the Rhode farm gate. She meets the gate this time already open. Mangira is just seated in the chariot. She shuts the gate behind her.)

Mangira: Please lock the gate.

Clara: Oh okay! I am sorry.

Mangira: No! You don’t have to!

Clara: (She locks the farm gate. Mangira gets out of the chariot as he ushers her in while holding each other’s hands). How did you do it fast? Did you really attend to the clients in need of heifers?

Mangira: Yes! Why not?

Clara: How fast? I mean. I just took shower and arranged my father’s house!

Mangira: I also did the same. I arranged with my junior officer. Mr. Malera to look at the process on my behalf.

Clara: Wow! He must be an obedient person to you! So today he never brought the chariot here?

Mangira: No!  Today I brought it myself to wait for my queen in making.

Clara: Mmm. Really? But your real queen is at home!

Mangira: Oh! No! We are instructed to love and fill the world. That is mother earth. I can truly say that you are my queen! I will never let you down!

Clara: Stop flirting now! So he is the one left in chance?

Mangira: Yeah! That the power of delegating!

Claera: What about my brother’s whereabouts?

Mangira: Who is that brother?

Clara: What mean you?

Mangira: No! I mean … I mean you have several brothers! Which among them?

Clara: I mean my father’s assistant. Thanga!

Mangira: I saw him leave with Aliki this morning via corn farm gate!

Clara: Oh my! Let me believe that we can’t meet along the way or in the city!

Mangira: That will not happen! I know at what time he comes back. It is around half past four o’clock. That why I must return you by four o’clock on spot!

Clara: (Looking concerned.)My mother is out too!

Mangira: Leave that one to me. She will be at home at quarter to five. And finally your father will arrive past six o’clock totally drunk.

Clara: I hope it works that way. But what about meeting in this city? I am developing fear about it!

Mangira: That one rest be assured! I know the hotels that they usually visit in Alupo city! All of them!That why I have only two high end hotels in this town that I can only visit.

Clara: (Looking shocked.) Two what?

Mangira: I mean… only one hotel that we can enter because they may see us in those others.

Clara: (Raising her tone) But you say two?

Mangira: (Trying to make a correction.) While that is what they call slip of the tongue.

Clara: I don’t trust it!  Let’s go to that other hotel! The second hotel of yours!

Mangira: (Insisting.) No please! I never meant that!

Clara: Really? Convince me please! (As he packs his chariot on the front of the hotel.) Just come out please! I will because we always visit here! That shows that I am very careful. This is the only hotel we are safe! (They enter into the hotel. They make their usual orders.)

Kibondi: Clara! (On a second time. Still observing her.)

Clara: (As if she is a sleep.) Yes father!

Kibondi: Never leave the doors closed again even if you are maybe studying or asleep!

Clara: Yes father!

Kibondi: (After realizing that Clara is affected. To Munira.)You can leave!

Mrs.kibondi. He is not leaving.  But he has delivered his message well. (There is a knock at the door. Enter Atiso. While bowing in a show of respect. She had come to clear the utensils from the tables.)

Kibondi: (To Atiso.) You have bad news to me also?

Atiso: (Looking confused and afraid.) Which one my lord?!

Kibondi: Bad news like your colleagues!

Atiso: No my lord!

Kibondi: (To her.) Go and call Mr. Mangira. Tell him I want to see him.The senior guard!

Atiso: Consider it done my lord. (While bowing down. She leaves for Mangira.)

Thingira: But for now what we need is treatment father! We need to treat the animals. It is urgent!

Ammon: We need actually to make swift orders to purchase the drugs. They are emergency or else we start losing our animals. We need curative measure now and these measures are to purchase. Curative drugs for the treatment.

Thingira& Mrs. Kibondi: Fact! (Clara is seen nodding her head in a show of agreement this time with her mother and her brothers. There is a knock at the door.  Enter Mangira)

Kibondi: (To Mangira.) Good morning Mr. Mangira!

Mangira: (He salutes as a show of obedient and respect.) Good morning my lord.

Kibondi: I hear that we have an issue.

Mangira: which one my lord?

Kibondi: (As someone remembering something.) But first have you met with my son Thanga?

Mangira: Yes my lord!

Kibondi: Have you set the orders in motion?

Mangira: Yes my lord!

Kibondi: That is good! Now this man here! (Pointing to Munari) This man is full of bad news!

Mangira: (Looking at Munari with sharp and wide open eyes as someone who is trying to make a warning.) What are those bad news Munari? (Mrs. Kibondi intervenes).

Mrs. Kibondi: For heaven sake! You all leave Munari alone! He has done is work very well on his part. He is clean. The two of you were never to be seen yesterday. Stop bothering him at once. (To Munari.) You can leave now Munari. You have done your part as you are supposed to do it!

Munari: (He rises up, bow down as a show of respect as he leaves.) Thank you Ma’am. (Exits Munari. Mangira looks around but there eyes comes into contact with those of Clara. He shifts his focus to Ammon and Thingira.)

Ammon: You guys you know that cows are sick and they have not yet been treated. What you want to introduce here you people is a blame games. We need treatment urgently now! Not an endless meandering stories!

Mangira: (Worried.)Let me see the drugs we have in store.

Ammon. I doubt if we can have such drugs in our store! It is long since we bought such drugs.






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