We met at our local café. This is where we usually take tea and some few snacks as we pass time. A times politics, local, regional national and international. And anything that men can talk of. Usually, if not politics it is maybe some deals here and there. But the way things are nowadays, few people discuss anything like business or deals.


However, the day was not normal like any other day. Kirimi looked disturbed. As we were trying to sip our hot coffee as a way of reducing the cold, that had fallen abruptly, Kirimi was not himself. It is at this point Munene asked him why he looked less jovial and somewhat disturbed.

“Hey! Why are you too cool and kind of going through some disturbances bwana kirimi? Are you in some meditations or are you going down with depression?” Posed Mr. Munene! Full of Humour.

“No bro. I am just okay”. Replied Mr. Kirimi.

“Maybe it is the cold. You see it was abrupt. No one expected it today”. I interject.

“Is it really?” Asked Munene.

All this time Kirimi was still quite. Munene persuaded him to be happy and leave the cold alone. It was at this point that Mr. Kirimi opened up. He said that he has been facing several ups in his life. He has been going through difficult tough hurdles. But what made him quite at that moment was the dream. Yes! The dream that he had dreamt yester night.

We enquired to know what was about the dream and he narrated it unto us.

He started.

“I had a graduation ceremony. This was my graduation, I had completed my doctorate degree. But the venue for the graduation was not known even though from the dream it was to be held in Nairobi. The university and the venue didn’t come out clearly.

The problem started at the departure point. I was to go there with my family members. Of course not all of them. But with my mother and my few brothers and sisters.


This was the trouble. My mother, my two brothers, and some nephew and niece were in the vehicle. However, they never allowed me in the vehicle yet the graduation was mine. This made me to walk along the vehicle as it moved. When we reached at a certain place, near a university located in chukka town, I realized that neither me nor them were moving. We were moving at the same speed despite the fact that they were in the vehicle while I, was on my foot.


It had rained heavily. There was a grass on the road. How the grass managed to grow on a busy bituminous highway, remains a mystery to me. Rain water filled these grounds and it was like I was just skidding and to some extent I was faster than them. When we reached at the entrance of that university, we found that there was another graduation going on there.


This caused a huge traffic jam. However, the university management had allowed our vehicle to move in between their field as there was a diversion road that would let the vehicle beat the jam. The vehicle went through that university path.

Since I was not in the vehicle, and not inconvenienced by the heavy traffic jam, I went on with my movement along the highway skidding. When the vehicle that they travelled in was through with the diversion lane, it emerged slightly few meters ahead of me. Let’s say about ten meters. After this, it disappeared in front of me completely.


I can’t tell what happened such that I decided not to proceed with the journey. I was left at the environs of this great university. I meandered around and to my surprise, I got a group of young female ladies of whom looked like the university students. I mingled with them. The journey to graduation at an undisclosed venue in Nairobi was forgotten. I didn’t think about it anymore together with my family members who had ditched me out of it.

I got entangled to one of these ladies. Later on we mingled and jingled. She had a man. A man who provided for her. A man who had married her. But si you know the university life? That was the question she posed. We mingled, jingled made merry, feasted and boom. We were three. A third party was being manufactured.


The family of the man now started a war against me. Not her family. No! It is the family of her would be husband. They performed some rituals that I never understood. But who am I? I employed my science! I decided to build a barrier fence. Scientifically barrier fence”.

“How did you build it?” We asked. Me and Munene.

“I don’t know also”. He replied!

“Then? What happened from there?” I posed another question.

“It didn’t materialize! I was unable to build the war. Likewise, their jujus never worked against me. But I forgot my third or second degree. I never knew which was which!”

“But that is just a dream, how can it make you shiver like this bro?” Asked Munene!

“This dream!” He continued. “This dream has got some implications to what I usually go through.  This has made me to remember a dream that I dreamt almost two decades ago. Why did my family exclude me from the vehicle yet we were to attend my own graduation?” He asked.

“Was the graduation more important than me?” he wondered.

“What was in the dream of two decades old?” Munene asked him!

He replied!

“You see! When we were growing up, at our home, we used to fetch water from some piped water systems. But there was a place where we had a firm. Some seventeen or twenty kilometers from where our homestead was located. Whenever we went there for farming purposes, we used to camp there for a week or more. Depending on the activities going on. This area didn’t have any proper water systems like the piped one back at home. Here, people relied on some earth dug wells.


These water wells posed some challenges! During the dry season, some dried up. During the rainy season, some had sort of contaminated water, without forgetting some toads and frogs that you could drew together with water in your container. Do not ask me how this was related to the dream. I never understood it also. But I believe it was from these experiences that the dream was born from.”

He continued as we kept attentive and showed him by sign of nodding our heads that we were keenly listening to him as he narrated his dreams and his miseries.

“However, there was a stream, or call it a spring or a small river that was at the middle of this place and our home. In simple terms it served as the river in my life. It was at this time when I was a grade six student, when I was trying to lift a ten litre container, (because the ordinary one was twenty litre container that adults used and five litre container for the young ones) whenever I would go fetching water from the water tap when at home or from the well when at the farm which was far away.


It is here, I found myself fetching water from this stream, and my own Mom was watching me from the side of the stream. (As a grade six pupil, the love for the mother in unrivaled by the love for the father if there is any at all at this age). I drew my ten litre container and dipped it in the moving water to trap it (water).


When my container was filled up with the stream water, I realized that I had dipped it with the opening of the container facing the stream upwards. It pulled me into the moving waters and I was carried by it. My mother never tried to save me. But the moment I started drowning, the dream ended up”.


I and Mr. Munene were still attentive. The only thing we were doing were, eh! Um! As we nodded our heads while tilting our necks towards his. It was like we were looking at something peculiar in his cup of coffee.

“Are they related or what was about yester night’s dream and the twenty year old one”? Munene asked once more.

He went on replying.

“It is from these two dreams that my worry is derived from”! He went on! Err. You see! I am wondering why would a mother do such a thing? To her own and last kid?!

“But that was a dream bwana Kirimi? You see as long as you sleep, your brain will still have either to remember or figure out some things that may never make any sense!”

I told him!

“No! Not a mere dream!” he proceeded!

“You see in this life, I feel completely alone. Not with anyone else in this life matters. Only one or two brothers can offer me their shoulders to lean on.”

He drunk what was remaining in his cup as we watched him still trying to figure out on his tribulations. The most disgusting statement being the last one he had just mentioned.

Together with Munene. We dig deep from him. Why was he relating the two dreams with his life? Why did he say that he does have no shoulder to lean on? How this was more related to the almost two decades old dream? What of the previous night dream?

After he sipped everything from his cup, he continued.


“You see, I came to learn that the first dream was haunting me when I was a college student. My father passed on when I was a second year student. When my Mom was left alone with us, I being the lastborn, I ended up having a difficult time to complete my studies for the last two years in the college after my dad departed.


I never anticipated such a scenario! How on earth a lastborn would go through difficulty time yet other siblings were already grownups and already settled in life with their families?


Save for it, I was a regular student, I had an access to higher education loans board. That I have paid up to date. The government inflated our loan into three folds. We have to pay it anyway. Were not for it, we could be seeing education and a decent living kwa view sasa.


After the college, I was never bothered about my struggles. I thought everything was okay. In fact I thought that that the way life was to everyone else. I knew some had a difficult time than me. Even today as we speak, People have real struggles, some never have any belief of seeing tomorrow. They wake up and say thanks to their Creator while deep down in their minds hearts, they wonder how they will go about the day”.

We are still listening and paying all our attention unto him. He orders another cup of hot coffee. That when we realized that, despite the fact that he was the one talking, he was drinking his coffee at a very high speed. He is already done with three cups of it, he is requesting for the fourth one. We requested for a second cup.


“At least mine was not like that.”  Kirimi continued!

“The trouble started, when I landed on a well-paying job. I tried to help here and there. Little did I know that whatever I was doing, was creating more heat, was creating a friction that I had never experienced nor thought of it among my family members!

I had grown up as the last of all the lasts. I loved everyone. I thought everyone else loved me. Likewise, I thought that everyone loved everyone else. These big families though! Only God knows them.


Today we are all separated. Only few can mingle and share a cup as brothers and sisters”.

He sips another sip of the hot liqud from his cup.

“That how I came to learn on the two decade old dream”. He continued. “Now! You see! This other dream suggested something peculiar again. You see! After I landed at this good job of mine, I sacrifice and I always sacrifice almost all of my efforts for the job.  I even decided to work harder and sacrifice more of my time. I went back to school, I achieved my second degree with ease. I also enrolled for a doctorate degree programme!


We are still attentive. Only um! And eh! Are coming from us! He continued.

“But since that time, immediately I was through with my classwork, things fell apart. I have a family that I raise, I have a family which brought me up. I have a job to earn a living. I have tried to balance all these together. Only me! The heat is too much for me. The enmity that is there is too heavy for me.”


Takes another sip as he moves the cup far from him. He is already through with the fourth cup of coffee. Ours are half full yet. The way he drinks fast, clearly shows some signs of stresses.


“Now the dream is here again with me. They went for my graduation and left me. What was important to them? Me or the ceremony? If it is the ceremony, would it be of any importance without me?

He asked as he stood up!


We scratched our heads trying to find an answer or a temporary solution to his predicament but we could not get one. He left.

Would you interpret his dream?

If yes tell us!


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