He was born in Kabilu (not the real name) village in Eastern province of Kenya. The narrator, is also from the same former Eastern province but not from the same district. In today’s Nation, not from the same county. But from a next neighbor to the neighboring county of Machakos.


Daniel was working as an attachee in one of the automobile industries in Nairobi. He resided in Embakasi. In a plot where main things were shared by the tenants as a community. Water tap was located at the end one of the comers of the plot. Wash rooms were also located at the same corner. Based on his narration.


It is from this point of interactions that Daniel came to know Felix. Felix was living with a disability. According to Daniel. He was a hermaphrodite. He had left his home for more than ten years and had sworn never to go back there until his Father was confirmed dead.


“He used to tell me man that he will never go back to his home! He would only go back there to bury his father”. “What was the issue with him and his father? I asked him. “He never told me anything about that” Daniel replied! “I came to learn that he had an issue that he never wanted me to know about it” Denis continued. “I knew him because whenever water run out of the tap that we all relied on, it was Felix who used to fetch water for us and even to the neighbouring residents”


“He never liked having a bathe! He never wanted to be seen by anyone around moving from the bathroom or going to bathroom. He never wanted to be seen at any glance as being naked. The thought of being naked never entered in his little head man!” He continued.


“One day, I told him nitakuosha weweFelix toa hii nguo haraka!”(Today I am bathing you Felix! Undress immediately!) “Do you know what he did?” Daniel asked me! “No! What did he do?”  I replied. He run to the bathroom immediately man.”  It is from this that I came to learn later on from mama wa ploti, eti Felix alikuwa both gender. Si mwanaume na si msichana


“Whoa! And why did he say that he will never be back to his home? I asked Daniel! “He never answered me anything on that man” really? I enquired. “Yes! He also had another disability, he was short and his shape was abnormal, his chest had gone back inwards and his shoulders looked like a bow man!(pectus excavatum) But he was a great friend of mine man!” Daniel continued. “I even tried to ask him if he would call his siblings but he hesitated! He only informed me that he knew his sister’s contact off head.” Did he call her? I asked! “No man! He refused to call her even when I gave him my phone!


Daniel lived in that area of residence and they became friends with Felix for the two and half months that he stayed there as an attachee in the automobile firm in Embakasi area of Nairobi City. According to Daniel, Felix never called back at home and he only assured him he would only go back when he could learn that his father was dead!


That is the only time Felix would go home. Daniel and I suggested that may be his father did something terrible unto him. Or what made him to swear that he will never go home until his father was no more?


As Daniel had said, that Felix was a hermaphrodite, he never associated himself with many people. He only stayed with men! However, he was always secretive and never liked anything like a joke that could lead in touching him. He never wanted anyone around to learn that he had two different reproductive organs for both male and female. However, his organs were all incomplete. That was according to Daniel. I didn’t ask him how he came to arrive at such conclusion that they were incomplete. The two of them.


Tragedy happened. It was not clear as to what had happened to Felix and he was missing. This prompted his colleagues to search for him.


He was found in a morgue in the city of Nairobi. The statement that was recorded from the police said that Felix had been drowned by a run off. When Felix body was taken for a postmortem, the results showed that he was shot twice from the back. He died of bullet wounds.


“What?” I asked? “Yes man!” Daniel answered! Who had shot him and why? Was he a thief? I continued.” No! He was shot by police officers! It looked like they told him to go, then they shot him twice from behind. Because he had two bullet wounds that penetrated from his back. Felix was involved in a court case!”

It is not clear how Felix landed in a police cell and booked for a rape case! It was never clear.

When the women of the area where he resided and brought them water whenever their tap run out heard this, that Felix was being accused of rape case, they ganged up and contributed for funds. The funds were to look for a lawyers and a human rights activist. They managed to get them. Felix was to be represented.

When the law enforcement officers who had arrested Felix learnt that their case will not materialize and have a chance to stand in a court of law, they decided to terminate his life. How could he have raped someone? He was not complete down there!

He faced a brutal death! A death that came from a gun that civilians had purchased and employed the guards to take care of their safety! Felix was no more. For cover up, they recorded at the morgue that his body was retrieved from a run off!

People who lived with Felix contributed for his burial and got a boy whom was a classmate to Felix. He directed them to his village and conducted the burial for Felix. He was laid to rest.

Her mother wept bitterly! She had suggested even to go solo and burry her child without the involvement of the city people. But they insisted that the matter was in their hands and they would only leave assured that Felix was laid to rest!

Daniel, who narrated the story to me told me that he never knew why Felix had sworn never to go back in his village until he heard that his father was no more!


Unfortunately, he died ahead of his father! He died of a police bullet! A bullet taken care of by the citizens of the country via their tax. A bullet from a gun. A gun in the hands of the law enforcement officers! Officers who are paid by the citizens to be the custodians of their safety. Safety that is elusive always!

He died a brutal death!






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