Kenya’s health minister Mutahi Kagwe addressing the media.


On Friday March 13, 2020, Kenya announced the confirmation of her first corona virus case!

The minister for health Mr. Mutahi Kagwe, announced that a young Kenyan lady who jetted in the country on fifth march confirmed to be positive. The results from the ministry influenza laboratory confirmed that the young lady tested positive.


The lady is believed to have been in United States of America before where she traveled to United Kingdom before connecting to Nairobi.


However, many questions arises from this development! If the lady left USA via a London route and landed at JKIA on fifth march, someone would ask what measures were taken when she and other passengers arrived in the country.


Did they carry out any screening at the airport?


She just got tested when she wanted to travel outside the country! This is when it was discovered that she was positive. Why she was not screened when she arrived in the country?

That only exposes a government that is not really interested in the safety of its citizen but rather the foreigners!


If that is not true, then tell us how it was possible for the same government to test individuals who are leaving the country but not the ones entering the nation?


This would mean that may be some others who arrived in the country but they have not yet bothered to leave the country could be still living with the virus.

According to WHO, some people become infected but don’t develop any symptoms and don’t feel unwell at all. Most people who are about eighty percent (80% of the infected ones), recover from the disease without needing special treatment.


Around 1 out of every 6 people who gets infected with the virus, becomes seriously ill and develops difficulty in breathing. Older people and those with medical problems like diabetes, heart problems, and blood pressure are more likely to develop serious illness.


The incubation period of covid-19 virus range from 1-14 days and most commonly are around five days. This is according to WHO.


It is from these statistics that we can deduce that this case was already healed case. This also tells us more about the African Covid -19 detection status. For majority of Africans might have been infected with the virus but went without any detection. They could be in the 80% that doesn’t feel the virus and again they don’t get tested. Where will you get tested if you don’t visit a hospital facility?


But Kenyans, don’t panic.  There are some good news of hope!

From above cases, majority go undetected and this could be the case in Africa. Majority might be the 80% or even higher in Africa than the ones that get ill and again, few go for testing.

The tests results that confirmed that she was positive could not be really the virus itself but rather the traces of antibodies that might have been fighting the virus and subdued it in her body!


If you can analogize her situation a little bit, you may arrive at such a conclusion.

Let’s look at it in this way!

She jets in the country on 5 march 2020.

She lives in the country for eight days without her herself being sick.

She test positive when she wanted to leave the nation. That is when she was tested!

If she was not leaving the country, we could have yet again, remained without any confirmed case of covid-19 virus.


The analogy is like this, most probably she never got infected on fifth of March when she arrived in the country.

It means that she might have been infected with the virus around 29th of February or maybe first march or second there being earliest.


Then all the way to 13th march, she has already lived with the virus for more than two weeks. Therefore, it is from this perception that we may say that whatever was found at the influenza laboratory is nothing else other than antibodies traces that might have fought the virus and subdued it!

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