They were grazing in the grazing fields! That is when she realized that her urinate jet took a different turn from her colleagues.


Faith was born in a family of six. Her father, Mr. John was a catholic devotee Christian and together with her mother, Mrs. Cecilia John. They raised Faith and her siblings in an African set up where their main role was to provide labour to their farms. Actually it was the only and readily available labour. They attended Karima primary school. In the morning, they woke up early  by 5.00 AM. After waking up, they had duties for each one! One could be the one to look for the cattle feed. You needed to have left the cattle feed ready in the morning for the whole day. Another one could fetch water and leave it behind for the day’s usage.


Their source of water for all their domestic purposes was about two kilometers from their homestead.It was an initiative by Catholic Missioners. They had assisted in piping water for the villages from the water sources in the forest. this is where they fetched water for consumption and for their livestock every morning before they went to school. Missioners facilitated easy in-habitation in the area.


There was no water in the area since there was no river or spring flowing in the area. It was intertwined in between by two mountains who were far from each other. there was nothing like well or a borehole. the area was rocky underground. in fact 13 feet below the topsoil cover was a hardy solid black rock. The basalt rock. this made the whole district to rely on Catholic Missioners piped water.Other siblings could be preparing breakfast and other household chores.


It was the only young kids who would enjoy the sleep during this hour. They could wake up at six  O’clock when everything was ready. Theirs was to have a shower and have the breakfast which was ready courtesy of the elder siblings. Since Faith was second to last, and they were only two daughters to the four brothers.


She enjoyed a little pampering though she had to perform certain duties as she grew up. When they were not in school, they used to take their herds to the community grazing fields. It is here where they could mingle with the neighbor’s kids. Whenever the kids were together, they played different types of games from the hide and seek games to stipple chase and long jumps.


It was not a reserve for any gender as they were all young kids and things like gender were not part of them. They only knew that one was of different gender by their mode of dressing. A boy would be labelled as a boy because he wore a long or a short. A girl would be referred to as a girl because she was wearing a dress or a skirt.


When it was weeding time, they used to wake up in the morning and cultivate at least two Are each.  Later in the evening, they would come back from school and have a continued weeding till the night chased them away. Mr. John was tough and  turf on this. He always said that “you must work hard both in school and at home”. You must work hard at school so that you could not live like him.


You must work in the farm so that you can have a chance to school. If not, you could live like him forever because he could not pay for your school fees. This made them a hardworking family. To add on that, he told his children that they must be full time Catholic Church devotees so that they could have a chance to see heaven. Not only to see the heavens but also to live there once they died!


As they grew up, her elder brother still attended a catholic sponsored high school. But it was at this point where his elder siblings got a chance to mingle with other students from different backgrounds. It was their time to explore the world of slightly free from their tough father. Some never attended Sunday mass services.


They pretended that they were Protestants. Since the rules were clear that on a Sunday you must attended the service, they preferred to be on the protestant side. After the high school life, some joined police force and it was only her sister, Miriam. Who joined teachers college to pursue a diploma in teacher education! Faith being the last-born girl, she loved to be close to her father. Combined with fear and love, she liked everything that her father did.


Sigmund Freud said that daughters will always love their fathers as opposed to their mothers. The opposite being true also. She obeyed everything that he told her. She was a young kid. She never knew what  or where was the difference between her father and her mother. To her, it was by the mode of dressing that distinguished the two and dictated that he will be the father and she will be her mother.


Faith  was narrating all this in a lecture hall. She grew up in that set up and her sister convinced her to pursue a course in education since she had attained a good grades to have a place in the university. She had secured herself a place at Kenyatta University. Faith grew as an obedient daughter to Mr. John and she never abandoned her Catholicism.


She went ahead and studied theology as she was a student at K.U. during the long holidays. She became a Nun. Having a certificate in theology and together with her degree in education, she got a teaching job again in a catholic high school. It took her few years to raise the ranks up to a rank of a secondary school principal.


It was also very easy for her to study for her postgraduate degree while acting as principal. She pursued master of philosophy in education.


Her woes started when she adopted a kid whom she named after her late father. This was to serve as a remembrance of her loving dad to her. Since she could not have a kid on her own due to catholic belief of celibacy. The congregation and some nuns who were jealous of her progress cooked up a story and said that when Faith was a student at Kenyatta university.


She had a boyfriend. After that, when she was pursuing a master’s degree she bore a kid and hid him only to come later on to pretend that she adopted the kid. “The Kid is hers” They said accusing her!


Unable to handle this, she resigned as a principal but maintained her catholic celibacy. She landed an assistant lecturer job at the University of Nairobi before joining Masinde Muliro University as a  full lecturer. This is where she was given a task to teach all the philosophy classes for all the common units shared by different groups of students who were to taste a little bit of philosophy.


They ranged from Sociology students to Education students. Psychology students to Technologists students. The number was big. The lecture halls were always congested. No one would miss sister faith’s classes. She used to give sweet stories ranging from philosophy stories to her childhood stories. Would you miss such classes?


A class with no other disturbing things like statics or mathematics? Only a few comrades would miss this if there must be an absentee. These comrades would be either on a date or perhaps invited for a come we push the afternoon by the opposite gender comrade. They could rush to such issues but not any other issue.


It was during this one afternoon when Faith requested comrades to tell how they learnt that they belonged to a certain gender and what made them realize! That is learning that one was either a boy or girl apart from wearing different gender based clothes.


During those old days parents were strict on what their kids wore. You could not find any girl child wearing anything like a trouser but strictly dresses and if she was above eight years, she wore a skirt. This caught almost every student in the class unaware. Some didn’t remember and it took them by surprise. Majority of the students remembered several escapades  and episodes when they were young kids but could not remember properly.


After a dead silence in the class, sister Faith continued by telling them on how she learnt it.

“You see  class, as I have always told you, when we were kids we used to take care of our herds of cattle together in the fields with neighbours’ kids. It was on this one afternoon when we decided to see who could project his/her urine furthest! Each was to project his/her urine vertically.


The boys did it very well. But to my surprise, my urine jet defied me. Instead of going forward and upwards, it went backwards and towards the ground. That is the day I realized that there existed a difference between a boy and a girl!”


The class bursted into a prolonged and re-vibrating laughter. The neighboring lecturers were not able to teach during this period of time as there were a loud and prolonged laughter emanating from sister faiths class.


This story will be continued later, we shall learn how one of the comrade learnt the difference between him and a girl whom they lived with. He narrated to his colleague over the weekend after sister Faith’s class.

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